My wacky fashion sense

My Wacky Fashion Sense

As you all know I’m a bit wacky. I’m a crazy ‘dressing-up box’ kinda girl. You can tell that my taste in clothes is a bit eclectic and after dressing my mummy for Comic Relief it has now given me the confidence to dress myself! Oh Dear…my mummy thinks. Here’s some of my latest fashion choices…

Trendy Tots 1

My first fashion fix was this little fairy number.

The fairy costume was picked up for £2 from an NCT Nearly New Sale, I think it was originally from George at ASDA.

The sun hat was from Mothercare and again bought second hand at a NCT Nearly New Sale for 50p.

My pink leggings and brown jumper were from M&S £9-£12.

I also wore my Clarks Star high-top trainers bought second hand for £5.

Trendy Tots 2a

My second fashion outfit I put together myself.

I wore a mini-mouse hat brought back from Disneyland Florida.

A bunny jumper from M&S for £10.

My Cath Kinston bag with I got for my birthday and some ditsy floral patterned leggings also from M&S £8.

My bunny boots are from Clarks at £35.

I can rock it right? Well I am a toddler after all…

Love Bella x

8 thoughts on “My wacky fashion sense

  1. You are definitely rocking it girl! 😀 So cute, my little girl is getting to the same stage now where she chooses some of her clothes (usually just the shoes / hats). Love the fairy ensemble, very fab 😀

    We got the same bunny boots too, they are really cute 🙂 #tt_thursday

  2. Bella… you are my style icon!! Your CK bag half matches your hat, and the fairy combo is to die for! A little tip… if you go into a big boots store dressed like that and drool over the nail polish, they might even give you some sparkly free samples to take home…!! Don’t tell Syd I told you, though – that’s her favourite hobby!! #TT_thursday

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