Room on the Broom Trail

Room on the Broom Trail

Dear mummy, we’re not usually up this neck of the woods, but while we were visiting friends and family we decided to stop by Anglers Country Park in Wintersett, Wakefield. The country park is 64 hectares in size and dominated by a huge lake, surrounded by grassland and woods. It used to be a open-cast coal mine in 1974! One of the deepest in the country. The lake is entirely man-made! It’s now been filled in with water and is a top nature reserve, attracting migrating birds….and visitors* each year. *inc. the occasional witch and dragon!*

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield

The country park is maintained and run by Wakefield Council and is open every day of the year. It’s free too, with no parking charges which is refreshing. The visitors centre is open from 10.30 – 4pm in low season and 11-4pm in high season. There is a kids activity centre which includes information on bird watching and conservation. An adventure playground and great, cheap little cafe. Baby changing and toilets. All facilities and paths are buggy and wheelchair friendly and the route around the lake plays host to walkers, cyclists, joggers and even horse riders! We saw a group of girls on horseback cantering (even though I’m sure they should have been walking or trotting! 😉 ) it was a beautiful sight. Everyone was friendly and we had a good time roaming.

The main reason why we are here is to catch up with old friends who live nearby and see the Room on the Broom Trail which we’ve heard so much about!

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield



The trail is not for the faint hearted though…it’s a two-mile walk around a large lake, which on the day we visited, was very cold and windy.

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield

We weren’t disappointed with the carvings though as there were at least 5 that we saw, but we were walking aimlessly. The visitors centre had run out of Room on the Broom activity packs (£2) and we didn’t have a map, we just followed the path around the lake.


We saw all our favourite characters from the Julia Donaldson book ‘Room on the Broom’. We saw the witch on her broom with her hat and cat, the dog, the bird and the frog…and then the most exciting part..we saw the dragon! RARGHHHH!

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield

A great place to visit for fresh air and exercise – the lake is deceptively big! I was knackered when we reached the cafe afterwards!

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield

If you love Room on the Broom – you won’t be disappointed. A great FREE day out.

Love Bella x

Room on the Broom Trail in Wakefield


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30 thoughts on “Room on the Broom Trail

  1. That looks amazing. The carvings are amazing.
    My boys love Room On The Broom it’s just a shame it’s not closer to us otherwise we’d be paying a visit.

  2. Oh what a shame that they’d run out of the packs! We don’t have anything like this round here. I don’t think I’ve ever read Room on the Broom, maybe I should order a copy! It looks like a great few hours out though, especially if the sun was shining! Looks like you all had fun, the carvings are great! #twinklytuesday x

  3. What a wonderful trail – I love the carvings and the first photo with you sitting on the broom. My little ones love Room on the Broom too – would love to take them somewhere like this. If we’re ever up in Yorkshire, I will have to make sure we pay a visit! 🙂

  4. Oh I didn’t know there was a room on the broom trail, my girls would love it. I must investigate. It looks like you all had a good time.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  5. Hi! I saw your link onTwinkly Tuesday, and had to take a look. My son is a big fan of Room on the Broom and with family in Wakefield, this would be a must for him to visit. Unfortuantely there´s nothing like this over in Spain but it´s on my list for when we are back in the UK! Great post and lovely pictures!

  6. Oh wow, those carvings are amazing – Elliot would love that! Room on the Broom is one of his favourite books 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  7. We love Room on the Broom! We’ve got the noisy sound book version. The trail looks fab. Shame it’s so far away from us but if we’re ever in that neck of the woods we’d definitely check it out. #TriedTested

  8. Looks like a great trail. My boys would love this as they love the outdoors and anything they can remember from a book. We go on the gruffalo trail a lot at our local arboretum which they love. #twinklytuesday xx

  9. This sounds great! My daughter is really in Room on the Broom at the moment so will have to take her there – although may have to take the buggy too – not sure how she’d cope with a two mile walk. Love the sculptures #pocolo

  10. This looks great. My daughter loves Room on the Broom! May have to take a buggy though as not sure how a two mile walk would go down. Love the sculptures. Great post. Thanks for sharing #pocolo

  11. Oh I didn’t realise they did this! I knew they did the Gruffalo but Room on the Broom was definitely the one I preferred 🙂 It looks fab. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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