A day by the seaside

A day by the seaside in Scarborough.

While we were on holiday ‘up north’ we decided to take the opportunity to visit Scarborough and see the sea. It’s our first visit to the coast on this side of the UK, as we’re used to dipping our toes in the English Channel as opposed to the North Sea.

Scarborough Beach

It’s a beautiful sunny day and we head off from our holiday home to the beach. It takes us just under an hour from York to the coast through beautiful countryside full of bright yellow rapeseed fields, blue sky and white fluffy clouds. It’s really picturesque. When we get to Scarborough it’s clouded over, so we head to the SeaLife Centre to see the fishys.

SeaLife Centre Scarborough Beach


We can spot the Scarborough Sea Life Centre from the other side of the bay, it’s huge with white peaks pointing up from the shore. We see the Penguins, rescued Seals and are most impressed with the Jelly Fish and turtle area.

SeaLife Centre Scarborough Beach


We spend 2 hours in the centre and hang out with The Octonauts. My mummy and daddy enjoy lunch in the cafe while I have a little play in the soft play area. Which is a great idea!

SeaLife Centre Scarborough Jelly Fish


The afternoon brightens so we sit on the beach and enjoy carving out our names in the sand and play chase.

We even enjoy a sneaky ice cream and sweets too. The coast line is impressive and we spot a castle on the cliff. It seems we have the whole beach to ourselves as it’s not half-term just yet! I enjoy running around and letting off steam while my mummy sunbaths.

Scarborough Beach


The sand is soft and I even have a little bit of a paddle with daddy before being chased away by the ripples of the waves.



On the other side of that cliff is another bay which we drive through on the way home, it’s smaller but it’s where all the fun attractions are, like the arcades, shops, fun fair and pretty marina. Next time we visit we’ll come here first. So much to see and do, we ran out of time. We’d like to take a trip on the miniature railway and visit the castle ruins next time we visit. Scarborough’s a great seaside town!

Love Bella x


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15 thoughts on “A day by the seaside

  1. Ah looks like it was a wonderful day at the seaside and you looked like you had a lot of fun Bella. The Sea Life Centre looks like a great place to explore – love the photos of the turtles and jellyfish 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. The sea life cents looks right up my little boys street. #sharewithme

  3. I’ve never been to Scarborough, but it is one of those places I have absolutely heard of! I looks like you had a great day out, and the Sea life centre looks fab! #sharewithme

  4. Cant go wrong with a fun day at the aquarium, I have never been up to Scarborough but it looks like fun and at least the weather was great today. We can actually go outside!
    I love your dress btw x x

  5. Wow looks like a fantastic day out and I have heard the seaside is great at scarborough. Lovely captures. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme

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