My travel den

My Travel Den

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress Review.

Dear mummy, we’ve recently been on holiday in Yorkshire and stayed on a farm. While we were away we decided to give this new travel system a road test. Is it a tent? Is it a travel cot? Is it a UV shelter? Read on to find out more!

The NSA travel centre was packaged neatly in a large box and came with full instructions, but to be honest my mummy didn’t even need to look at them. It was so simple to put up as it just popped up out of the circular carry case. Must be careful though as it springs to life very abruptly so make sure you stand well back and don’t open it around small children or they might get knocked over with the force!! It’s not heavy and very lightweight.

Size when erected approx: 136cm (53″) long x 84cm (33″) wide x 62cm (24″) high.

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

The inflatable mattress can be blown up by hand with big breaths and it just slips in the zipped holding compartment underneath the tent which gives it extra comfort and helps cushion little ones knees and heads. There is also an extra cushion mat to go inside. There is oddles of space for me to move around inside and the zips are easy to use and not stiff. It’s great that it has a double window which allows the air to breeze through it, ventilating it with fresh air for little ones. It also has end ventilation mesh windows with roll up covers too. It’s suitable from birth to 4 years and I have plenty of room as I’m only 2 years old.

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

This travel system can be used for many purposes, such as a UV tent with UPF 25 sun protection, wind shelter at a beach, camping, festival snoozes etc. as its so compact and lightweight to travel with. It comes with an inflatable mattress and cotton quilted mattress cover.

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

It has little windows with mesh netting to stop those pesky flies and bugs flying in and also helps to shield little ones from the harmful UV Rays. I liked using it outside to doze in and play with my toys. Like a little den. We loved the colour too! Vivid purple which looks really funky…not like the boring camping green/blue tents you get. It also comes with tent pegs so it doesn’t blow away!

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

We’re looking forward to using it at the beach and on our next camping trip to the New Forest. A great safe travel bed for little ones, we’re going to use it within one of the main compartments within our big tent. You can also use it indoors too, as its small enough to fit into our front room and makes a great hiding place.

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress

A really multipurpose design, we’re going to have lots of fun exploring the possibilities on our adventures. You can pick one up at larger Boots and online and it retails for £89.50 which is reasonable for what you get. (We’ve also seen it on other discounted sites for around £65)

We loved ours. Hours of amusement and a safe environment to play in 🙂

Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

NSA UV Deluxe Travel Cot with Mattress


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10 thoughts on “My travel den

  1. This looks amazing, would have been fantastic for our recent trip to New Zealand! We still have a few camping holidays planned for the year though and it seems like this would work well for that being fairly compact to pack in amongst all the other essentials. I will check out the boots website. Thanks for the review 🙂 #triedtested

  2. my husband & I are actually planning a trip to the family ranch & this would be perfect for my little ones. I will definitely look into this!

  3. It looks fab. I love the idea of something for on the beach when you need a bit of shelter from the sun (or wind!)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  4. This looks great – I had an earlier model when my daughter was younger. Just as enthusiastically springloaded, but no mattress and not as funky. It was so light though, such a great idea for a design. #triedtested

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