My Mummy’s Miracle Haircare!

My Mummy’s Miracle Haircare!

Argan Secret Review

Find out what beauty item has changed my mummy’s life!

On a recent bloggers event my mummy returned with one of the best goody bags she’s EVER seen. Courtesy of the very generous Festival Place, Shear Beauty, Costa and Hotel Chocolate.

Shear Beauty Blogger Bag

One of the items has actually changed her life…and we ain’t talking about the chocolate 😉

My mummy’s not a beauty blogger, far from it! Her beauty routine is scrubbing her face with soap and water and washing her hair once a week! Yes, you heard me right ladies! ONCE A WEEK! You see she’s got thick (straw-like) long black hair. She gets it dyed every 2-3 months and that’s it. That’s her maintenance. Simples.

Argan Secret

My mummy is usually quite happy to buy Poundland shampoo and conditioner which makes this review all the more shocking!

In her Festival Place bloggers bag was a bottle of Argan Secret SHADA Shampoo and a bottle of SHADA Condition. These top-end beauty products will set you back at least £15 per bottle in Shear Beauty! £15?! FIFTEEN BLOODY QUID! I’m gobsmacked. Jeeze let’s try this out and see why it’s so blooming expensive!

Argan Secret Shampoo review

Ordinarily if my mummy had seen this on the shelf she would have smirked and told herself “what bloody idiot would pay that on shampoo and/or conditioner?”

But here’s the revelation! It’s like nothing she has ever encountered in her 34 years on the planet….

So where do we start?

The packaging is in a very simple and chic box. It has a very Moroccan feel to it with the pattern and design. It looks luxurious. The bottles are brown and very simple though, so its hard to tell which one is the shampoo and which one is the conditioner. Especially when you have soap in your eyes! The consistency of the shampoo is a bit strange – it feels like oil and feels greasy, when you put the shampoo in your hair is feels wrong and doesn’t leave her with a squeaky clean scalp… but maybe that’s the point as it doesn’t strip the natural oils out of your hair like other shampoo products do.

It takes ages to build up a lather in her hair and there are virtually no bubbles when she shampoo’s – this is a strange experience for my mummy as she’s used to seeing lots of soapy suds. It doesn’t take much to rinse out and my mummy is dubious that it has even cleaned her hair at all! The conditioner is a much better experience – its thick and smells lovely – She leaves it in for 2-3 minutes and it washes out like a dream. Her wet hair in the bath water feels lovely and smooth. When my mummy brushes her hair there are no tangles which is crazy as my mummy’s hair is usually like a bird nest.

The drying time also seems less – maybe because there isn’t as much product in her hair coating the follicles. It usually takes my mummy 45 minutes to dry and it only took 20 this time. My mummy uses the hair dryer only to dry her hair straight and the results are fantastic! Even without the straighten irons her hair is smoother, less frizzy and fees so soft. She is well chuffed. Straightening irons only add to the softeness and shine and my mummy’s hair feels light and looks so healthy. She’s very happy.

One week later and my mummy’s hair is only starting to feel greasy – it lasted all this time without a wash and still looks good. It could save you from washing your hair multiple times through the week, which is a cost saving exercise in its own right. Even when she lets her hair dry naturally it isn’t frizzy anymore which is great. Yes the product is expensive but she was amazed at the results.

Argan Secret results

So, what did my mummy do? She only went back to buy some more and this time in BIG bottles. Her treat to herself and a testament to this product. See, she’s proper tight, so had to do lots of justification to walk out the store with this.

Thanks Shear Beauty for opening my mummy’s eyes to this brand of haircare, without your ‘testers’ she would have never found out what it’s like to have salon feeling hair at home. A miracle!

The secret is out…….Argan Secret IS a luxurious haircare range, which conditions with nourishing Argan oil, leaving hair smooth, soft, silky and manageable.

If it puts a smile on my mummy’s face then it puts a smile on my face!

Lots of love Bella xFamily Fever
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3 thoughts on “My Mummy’s Miracle Haircare!

  1. I’ve been known to borrow Elliot’s kids shampoo when I’m running low and it does nothing for my thick frizzy mop! x

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