Being a blogger…

Being a blogger…

Dear Mummy, you were recently asked what being a blogger was really like by Entertaining Elliot. So here’s my mummy’s truthful and honest list.

Being a blogger…sometimes means that my mummy doesn’t spend as much time as she would like talking to loved ones and friends. There’s not enough hours in the day! You see in the evenings while I’m asleep, my mummy’s time is spent researching and writing, browsing on Pinterest or superglued to her phone on Twitter. This means she doesn’t get much time to just chill out with Daddy and chat. My mummy is working on this and she has made the decision to have a couple of evenings to put the phone down and reconnect with her family. Part of the #EmbraceHappy lesson learnt at BritMums Live. In blogging sometimes less is more. My mummy loves blogging and finds it a great creative outlet.

Embrace Happy at BritMums Live

Being a blogger… It has its good sides as well! Finding opportunity and beauty in everything you do. You are documenting, recording and photographing which is sometimes better than a sketchy memory. You’ll look back in years to come with daddy and will be thankful you captured all the wonderful adventures we had.

Funk the Family Festival 2015

Being a blogger…means you get to try out new things. Whether it be a new attraction or product you’re there to review it, test it, love it or loath it. You feel that your opinion matters and you also want to help and influence others, even if it’s on a small-scale.

Pots 2 Paint Review 1

Being a blogger…can be a full-time job. It takes a lot of commitment, social media interaction, research, traveling and passion about your subject. It’s hard work, seriously. To constantly market yourself and create posts. It keeps you on your toes and your mind active. My mummy has found this out the hard way *she was feeling overwhelmed last week* and it’s a fine balancing act between her 9-5 job, blogging and quality family time.

Just So Festival Stags

Being a blogger is…different for everyone. From ‘super-bloggers’ to ‘hobby-bloggers’ from ‘dip-your-toes-in bloggers’ Blogging can be fun. A good creative outlet for your mind. It’s great to work with brands and support local businesses and it is productive and rewarding. Just make sure it doesn’t consume you 24/7….or you might turn into a BLOGGING MONSTER! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Love Bella x


The List

25 thoughts on “Being a blogger…

  1. Ah, you are so wise, Isabella. It’s great for Mummy to have this outlet for her creativity and to be able to document her adventure with you. But sometimes it can be a bit much – you can be sure you are her top priority, though. Like so many of us, she is just reassessing and resetting her priorities. Life’s like that as a Mummy (or Daddy) sometimes – there is so much to do and so little time!

  2. So so true! I literally related to all the points! I love blogging it’s fab but I got behind after my hols and just caught up! Then it felt like a job and I didn’t like it. I like to have all my weekly posts ready. Fab post Hun xx #twinklytuesday

  3. Blogging can totally take over your life, right! What with reading and commenting, taking photos, social media, not to mention writing posts that sometimes never even get published because you just can’t get them right (just me?) But I am glad that it has made me take a lot more pictures so we have more to look back on in the future.
    x Alice

  4. great post I hear you on the taking a few nights off to reconnect with family and friends its easy to get caught up and think you need to be at it every day but I take a couple nights off otherwise it feels like a chore! #twinklytuesdays

  5. I’m writing this as my Husband is peaking over my phone to get my attention.
    I am trying this week to get more organised so I can have the best of both worlds!! #twinklytuesday

  6. Love this being a blogger means so many things to so many people. I agree about the full tome job though. Some weeks I put more hours into my blog than my actual job lol #twinklytuesday

  7. This is so wise. What a poppet! In fact instead of feeling like I should be writing my next post tonight I’m going to go to bed and read my book! Thank you v much! #twinklytuesday

  8. Totally agree with all of this, just wish it was easier to take a step back and not feel the pressure! #sharewithme

  9. Love this post…it is so different, for everyone. For me, it’s evolved and circled back and such a joy to look back and see things I KNOW I’d have entirely forgotten were it not for the blog. Hope you continue to enjoy…and thanks for a great post, and reminder!

  10. This is such an interesting perspective to me. I was blogging for a looooong time before I considered myself a blogger, and I still refuse to consider it an obligation. If things are happening in my real life that get in the way of other things, blogging is the first thing to go. I love it, though. The intellectual challenge and social connections it brings me are so valuable, and I’ve loved seeing the relationships my daughters have developed with close friends that we’ve made through the blogosphere.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  11. Thanks Isabella, I’m a new blogger myself I can learn a thing or two, or lots of learning points as a matter of facts, from both you and your mummy! 😉 Thank you! X

  12. What a great post and I am soooo guilty of this too so lately we pick two days a week where we aren’t allow ipads, laptops, phones or even tv and me and MR P have time together. Then once a month we try to have a date night out too. It’s just hard juggling it all and keeping up with it all at the same time. But I am working on the less is more concept too. Good luck on your new challenge. 🙂 It’s worth it once we find balance between it all. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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