Professor Scrubbington’s magical concoctions

Dear Mummy, when you attended BritMums Live a couple of weeks ago, you came back with an amazing goodie bag. You are slowly making your way through all the cool stuff (inc the wine *hiccup*) and was so impressed with one product in the bag you just had to blog about it.

It’s called Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand & Face Wash 200ml.

Professor Scrubbingtons Review

It’s been developed by a slightly ‘nutty’ professor from Oxfordshire, England. We’ve heard he is a genius who has traveled the world on adventures and used his knowledge to help create a range of personal care products specifically tailored to meet the needs of young people (oh and adults!) My mummy likes it as much as I do! From soaps, to haircare and deodorant, Professor Scrubbington’s aim is to help clean up the country one messy face at a time!

We’re testing a foam soap for the hands and face, which comes in a handy push-down dispensable bottle and costs at £5. What we like so much about this is that it smells divine and so fresh. It has left my skin feeling really soft. It actually smells like my mummy’s favourite perfume Issey Miyake and seems very luxurious for the price. Almost a treat to wash our faces with it. The foam lather works really well and removes her makeup really easily. It also cleans up my messy face a treat and is perfect for little monsters like me! She’s been using it for over a week now and her skin is in great condition! No dry patches or spotty breakouts on her face and her hands are super soft.

We’ve only ever been a soap and water kinda family. We don’t cleanse, tone and moisturize (we probably should) so we are always on the hunt for products to make our life easier and fit in with our routines. This is perfect for us. It contains natural ingredients that are kind to our skin and to the planet as their range contains no parabens or SLS. A full list of their ingredients can also be found on their website which is reassuring for any parent.

The bottle looks clean and we love the typography and design used for the branding – very smart. There is a wider pump handle which makes it easier for small hands to press, like me. Foam that stays on my hands and is easy to apply – so no drips. We were so impressed that mummy has gone to buy another bottle.

Professor Scrubbington is also a nice man and supports Kids Company which provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children, young people and families. He sounds like a cool dude.

Great soap Mr Professor Scrubington, we can’t wait to try the rest of your magical concoctions!

Love Bella x

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15 thoughts on “Professor Scrubbington’s magical concoctions

  1. We loved this too! The foam is gorgeous and Chloe says it smells like tulips 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. Ooooh I have been sitting on a Professor Scrubbington hamper that morning sickness has seen me not review yet but you’ve inspired me. I love the branding and typography too.
    Great review and photos, love what you’ve done here.

  3. I love these – we’ve got the body wash and shampoo, which usually resulted in delighted squeals at bathtime (from my daughter, not me. Honest). For some reason, she doesn’t want to use the foam soap so I have shamelessly stolen it as it smells gorgeous – was really pleased to get another one from Britmums! #triedtested

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