Sparkle Princess Dress-up from Monsoon

Sparkle Princess Dress-up set from Monsoon

Dear mummy, we’re busy preparing for the New Forest Fairy Festival in August and stumbled across a beautiful fancy dress accessory kit from the high-street store, Monsoon. See we’re dressing up as fairies to attend the event and are looking for outfits to wear. We find this cute little set and love it instantly.

Monsoon Sparkly Princess Dress-up

It’s a magical three-piece set, comprising a star-spangled tutu skirt, glittery wings and a fluffy tiara.

It’s great to put over an existing outfit and for a quick dress-up. I store it in my fancy dress box and whenever I want to transform myself into a fairy princess it’s quick and easy to put on. In fact I can whip on the wings and the tutu myself. It’s perfect for a toddler and we’re really impressed with the quality.

Monsoon Sparkly Princess Dress-up

The sparkly blue/silver tiara and tutu remind me of Elsa from Frozen and I was drawn to it in the shop. The wings have beautiful detail on them and are sturdy, which is reassuring considering how much I throw them around. They are elasticated and easy to put on over clothes. The tiara is a padded alice band which is comfortable to wear. And the tutu has an elasticated waistband and lightweight fluffy netting with pretty little stars on.

For £17.99 it’s a real gem of a set. I think I’m going to get years of play out of it having opted for a larger size. A great addition to any fancy dress box and a perfect price. Really beautiful packaging as well and it would make it a brilliant gift for a little child.

Monsoon Sparkly Princess Dress-up

I love twirling and dancing in it. The glitter comes off it a bit when it first came out of the bag but after numerous wears it’s still sparkly and catches the light beautifully. Perfect for a summer’s day! It’s still available in store now and Monsoon have some other great sets in different styles and colours too.

Love Bella x


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15 thoughts on “Sparkle Princess Dress-up from Monsoon

  1. What fun! This is definitely something my daughter would love to try out! We are big Monsoon fan’s and I got my child’s flower girl dress from the store!

    Thanks for sharing Angela xx

    Angela recently posted The Developmental Science behind playing Peek-a-boo

  2. That’s just gorgeous! My girls would both love it – and I love that it’s not pink!!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. What a cute little set – you look lovely and look like you are having a brilliant time dressing up! My little boy hasn’t really got into the whole dressing up thing yet but I look forward to when he does! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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