BearHug My First ReadyBed Review


Dear Mummy, we’ve recently got back from Blissfields Festival and camped for a whole weekend. Oooo scary with a toddler you may think…but we actually had a pleasant and stress-free time. I think this was mainly due to how well I slept and this was helped by my new travel bed.

My First BearHug ReadyBed Review

We used a ready bed for the first time called ‘BearHug My First ReadyBed’ by Worlds Apart. My mummy and daddy were really intrigued by the idea of an inflatable travel bed for toddlers.

It was perfect for camping and so handy as it came folded in a neat little rucksack which I carried all the way from the car into the festival. I felt like a right little festival goer! It was lightweight and easy for me to carry…I am a toddler after all! We loved the attention to detail with the floppy ears and bear face on the outside and it felt I was carrying my new friend into Blissfields.My First BearHug ReadyBed Review

As soon as we got into our tent my daddy unfolded it from the rucksack carry case and inflated it for me with a foot pump. It’s nifty that it even comes with a fold-up pump in the bag! I eagerly looked on and couldn’t wait to jump in for my afternoon nap! It was so comfy and super soft. The pillow end was designed as the bear’s face so I gave him a cheeky kiss and settled down to sleep.

Even my mummy was jealous as her inflatable bed wasn’t as cool as mine! With a firm and sturdy mattress and high sides my mummy felt reassured that I wouldn’t tumble out of my ready bed. It’s tested and meets child safety standards and all seams are reinforced for longevity. The mattress is easy to blow up and feels velvety. The bed cover is an all in one and secured to the bed so It won’t fall off in the middle of the night. It’s also detachable and easily removed from underneath the bed with a small zip and can be cleaned separately. It seems like the perfect travel cot alternative. It’s really easy to pack up as well you just deflate and roll it back up into the rucksack.

My First BearHug ReadyBed Review

The pattern and design was super cute and My First ReadyBed is available from Tesco Direct and Amazon at £39.99. It’s a quality product and I loved the fact that I could store my toys and books in the handy side pocket. My mummy put my music box in there to help me relax. As quick as a flash my thumb was in my mouth and I was drifting off to sleep as soon as I was tucked in. A real testament to this bed! I usually toss and turn but within 5 minutes I had drifted off to sleep.

It’s suitable for 18m – 3 years, I’d just wished I’d stumbled on it sooner…we will definitely be using it over the summer and taking it with us to Jimmy’s Sausage and Beer Festival this weekend! *please note that I’ll leave the beer drinking to my folks*

My First BearHug ReadyBed Review

A great toddler travel bed, tried and tested at festivals by us…I can’t wait to try it on a sleep over at my friends now!

I have my beady little eyes on the next stage up for older children which includes a Frozen design in the range….Ooo I can’t wait!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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21 thoughts on “BearHug My First ReadyBed Review

  1. How cute and very practical. I wish someone would come up with something that would work in a caravan. We had to do our own modifications for Tin Box Tot as normal travel cots are too big and I wouldn’t want to use a pop up/blow up bed on a raised surface. Until she was mobile we used the top of her pram and after that we had to fashion a roll bar to stop her falling out. Have fun with Jimmy!! #triedtested

  2. I love the idea of going to a festival with my kids, but I think the reality would differ somewhat from my expectations! And I’m getting to the satge in life where I want a comfortable bed – if only ready beds came in my size, because it does look fabulous! #pocolo

  3. The design looks very cute. My daughter (5 years old) has the next stage of these beds and she has used it a few times already. She likes it a lot! The only down side was the inflating part. It takes a while. We are thinking to get an electrical pump so it can be done quicker 😉 xx #PoCoLo

  4. How fantastic. I have been panicking about our camping trip at the end of the month, but this looks perfect. And warmer than her carry cot would be…? Great post. 🙂

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