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Blissfields 2017

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Baby Isabella is going to Blissfields!

Baby Isabella is going to Blissfields 2015!

Excited about Blissfields

Dear mummy, Blissfields is the nearest music festival to us in Hampshire and is only 3 weeks away. eeeek! We’ve never been to Blissfields before and have tickets to this highly acclaimed music festival. It draws in crowds from all over the country. Not like the smaller kids festivals we’re used to going to.

We’re super excited and this is why!

1) Weather: It never rains at Blissfields! Well, if the Radio Times says so then it must be true! We’re hoping for sun on the 3rd & 4th of July.

Radio Times Blissfields Quote

© 2015 Copyright Blissfields

2) The Location: Blissfields is a 2-day event (Fri & Sat), with the added bonus of evening entertainment on the Thursday too. We’re looking forward to getting back to nature and sleeping underneath the stars! It’s local to us (only 4 miles away) so we have the added bonus of not travelling very far either. It’s easily reachable from the M3 and less than an hour’s drive from London. It’s set in lovely countryside with beautiful views. My daddy can’t wait to dust off the tent and get packing!

3) Razzle Dazzle: Mummy, when was the last time your eyes popped out of your head? I’m only a toddler but am really looking forward to all the children’s entertainment throughout the festival weekend. I’m ready to be awed and amazed. My folks are ready to have some peace and quite while I’m being razzled dazzle by all Blissfields has to offer. We caught up with Blissfields Angel, Sam, to see what’s on offer for children, read the interview here.

4) Diversity: It’s not just for families. Far from it we would say! It’s tailored for music lovers, adventure seekers, hippy chicks and avid festival goers. The pure mixture of people is going to be awesome to see, we’ve heard it’s one of the friendliest festivals around.

5) The Theme: We’re massive fans of Back to the Future, so the Somewhere in Time time travel theme this year couldn’t be more appropriate for our family…now what to dress up as? The Time Lord or Marty McFly?

Blissfields 2015

© 2015 Copyright Blissfields

5) The Quirkiness: After dark, my mummy and daddy can’t wait to explore the ‘behind the hedge’ area of Blissfields. It sounds dodgy but rest assured I’ve been told it contains a world of possibilities ranging from Burlesque shows, art installations, quirky hangouts and nightspots. They are ready to be amazed!

6) The Line-up: My mummy is really looking forward to seeing Ghostpoet, ever since she heard him on Zane Lowe’s evening show back in 2013 she fell in love with his lyrics. My folks are also massive fans of The Horrors so will be eager to see them perform.

7) The Extras: No festival would be complete without having the choice for an upgrade! Fancy a posh wash of a hot tub experience mummy? Sounds great, now where do I sign up!

8) The Atmosphere: We love the fact that Blissfields can be whatever you want it to be! The crazy adrenaline rush of being at the front of the main stage seeing your favourite band or discovering others. Or enjoying a beer and chatting to friends back at the campsite. Having a night out on the tiles in the disco with the girls or sunbathing in a field with the gentle sound of music wafting past. We’re looking forward to submerging ourselves in craft activities and games with the children. Either way the atmosphere will be amazing as we are all sharing a happy weekend with other festival goers. We can’t wait to be a part of it.

9) The Mementos: We love making stuff and collecting things. People that have been round our house see that it’s filled with clutter…*cough* I mean beautiful knick knacks. Mementos of days out, artwork created, photos – anything to remind ourselves of certain experiences shared. Visiting Blissfields will be no different. I’m sure we will be bringing something back to remind us of our time spent here, along with the pictures in our heads.

10) Relaxing: The chance to let your hair down (even with the kiddie winks) to enjoy the fresh air, the stillness of sitting in a field with a beer in your hand watching your children play…sounds like bliss!

There are still Day Tickets left for Blissfields 2015, so what are you waiting for? Why not come down for the day and enjoy some family fun, great live music and quirky night-time entertainment.

See you on the other side of the hedge! I’ll be the one chilling in the beer gardens with a non-alcohol punch…well I am only 2 years old after all 😉

Love Bella x
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The Real Angel of Blissfields Festival

Talking to the ‘real’ angels of Blissfields Festival.

Kids at Blissfields

We’re looking forward to going to Blissfields in July. A quirky music festival held in Hampshire which attracts festival goers, adventure seekers and music lovers from all over the country.

We caught up with one of the ‘Blissed Out’ Angels called Sam, the head poncho of the children’s area called Angel Gardens, to ask a couple of questions about how kids are catered for at Blissfields festival.

1) How long have you been a ‘Blissed Out’ Angel for?

I have been at blissfields for 6 years and I have loved every minute!

2) What activities do you have lined up for children at Blissfields this year?

Blimey.. we have tons, we split the gardens into sections so we have GeeGee’s li’l Angels arts tents where younger children can get messy creating all sorts of brilliant art work and playing with the toys and crazy activities.

The Tweens area is for kids who are a bit older and want to do things a bit more in-depth, they can make bath bombs, learn hair styling, make sock animals and other fab stuff like Dj-ing and song writing.

The Teens have a space for themselves to chill out and relax with tons of stuff to do.

The garden area hosts a sports day and other daft games and finally the cabaret tent has everything from a talents show to circus skills, drumming and story telling.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.. there is so much to choose from.

3) What sort of arts & crafts can we expect this year?

We are making masks, toys, puppets and so much more.. honestly the list is far too huge.

4) What fun things are there for babies to do?

Our baby care area has everything you need to get through the day, like changing areas, feeding spaces and even a sleeping area. We have activities too, like music, dance and baby yoga. The tent is lovely.. lots of toys and equipment to make baby festival life fun! Watch out for the night-time bath-time area!! Bedtime hour and singing to get your little ones ready to settle down for the night.

5) I may only be a toddler but I’m interested in the Activist Kidz Club and would love to hold a protest and make a banner! What kind of protests do you expect the kids to get involved with? Kids Against Sprouts (KES)? End Animal Cruelty?

Haha! Well you are welcome to join us on our protest. We can’t tell you what you will be protesting about as the children decide themselves.. we did have ‘more chocolate for kids’ and ‘ kids to stay awake till midnight’ in the past…but we have a very fair democratic vote! We make banners, with songs and chants and go on a protest march around the site!

6) My daddy is really looking forward to entering the Embarrassing Dads Dancing Competition. What kinda moves are you looking for from daddies entering the competition?

Our DJ is very good at playing tunes that Dad’s just can’t ignore.. if the Time Warp or YMCA doesn’t get them going.. we have the Rocky theme tune as ammunition!

7) What surprises do you have in store for us kids in the big tent?

The Cabaret tent hosts science shows, talent shows, princess parties, drumming and surprises too.. we may just have a very special Ice Princess joining us and some ‘Frozen’ crafts.

8) I can’t wait to get my boogie on at the kids discos, what sort of cheesy club bangers can I expect from your resident DJ?

We theme our discos every night.. you will have to come to see… it could be a Pirate and Princess disco or a Benidorm Cheese night… but it could just as easily be Christmas and New Years eve!

9) My daddy is über competitive so can’t wait till Sports Day…what kinda games will we be playing?

Just what you’d expect.. sack racing, egg and spoon, space hopper racing and a few silly surprises.

10) Please pick 3 words to describe the Angel Gardens kids area of Blissfields?

Beautiful, Blissful and Brilliant (with wings on)

Thanks Sam for answering my questions!

Day Tickets are still available for Blissfields Festival on the 3rd and 4th of July. It looks to be such a fun event why not pop down and enjoy the activities.

Love Bella x

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