I’m a SwimFin Blogger!

Dear Mummy, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. I’ve been selected to be an official SwimFin Blogger! Yippee! You may think this is strange as I can’t swim, infact I’m a bit scared of the water.

Over the summer I’m going to face my fears and get into the pool with my folks. I’m 2 years old and now is the time to get me exposed to the big pool. We’re going to take it step by step and slowly to get me used to the deep water. SwimFin is going to help me on my swimming journey this year!

SwimFin plays a psychological part in learning to swim, even before we jump into the pool my mummy reassures me with it. Showing me how it floats in the bath and strapping it to my body! We have great fun chasing each other around the house with it!

SwinFin Review

If you don’t know what a SwinFin is it’s a great floatation device that’s been created to add fun and safety to swimming. Shaped as a shark’s fin its perfect for children and adults (with the aid of adjustable straps) and my mummy and I are looking forward to having fun in our local swimming pool.

SwimFin Review

We’re going to make going in the water fun and my mummy is even prepared to don a SwinFin in the attempt to make me giggle and raise a smile if I get scared. We’re also going to use it as a teaching tool – you see my mummy is a mermaid in the water, infact she represented her county in swimming when she was a teenager so is very confident in the water. SwimFin is a teaching aid, flotation device and fun water toy all in one.

They come in all different colours and you can get different strap lengths too!


Unlike arm-bands, SwimFin works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better and more natural swimming position. Its really lightweight and is made from sturdy foam. It’s great aid in learning how to swim. For the time being we’re just going to use it as a floatation device as I’m not that confident in the water yet. I’m not a big fan of armbands as they slip off my little arms and scratch my skin with the plastic. So my mummy is going to hold me in the water and keep me safe for the time being. We’re going to use the SwimFin underneath my tummy to help me float and get me used to being in the water.

SwimFin Review

SwimFin complies with international safety standards, providing enough buoyancy to keep an adult afloat. It’s ultra-safe and stays in one place once strapped on correctly, no tipping or slipping & is highly visible. After it has done it’s job as a learning-aid, SwimFin can be used as a fun water toy.

SwimFin inspires imagination and play. I love pretending to be a shark and chase my mummy around!

SwimFin was featured on ITV’s This Morning on Tuesday 14 July as one of their “Ultimate Summer Getaway Gadgets”.

SwimFin Review

We’re looking forward to sharing our swimming progress with you over the course of the next year….our first step is getting me into the water!

Here’s our pick of the best swimming essentials for the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool essentials

1) Cuddleroar Dragon Toddler Towel £39.99
2) Zoggs Roll-ups Arm Bands £7.99
3) Disney Frozen Goggles £7.99
4) Bath toys from ELC
5) Speedo Monster Swim Cap £10.99
6) SwimFin £19.99
7) Frozen swimming costume £11.99 Amazon
8) Zoggs character swim cap £6.00

Wish us luck on our swimming adventure and we’ll keep you posted using #SwimFinSummer 🙂

Love Bella x

Family Fever

17 thoughts on “I’m a SwimFin Blogger!

  1. Thank you Baby Isabella & Mummy for such a wonderful review! We are sure, in the coming months, that you’ll get used to the water thanks to your SwimFin. How wonderful it will be! Have fun!
    Karin @ SwimFin

  2. Baby Isabella & Mummy,

    What a wonderful review! We love to hear how you’re getting used to the water thanks to your lovely Angelfish Pink SwimFin. We are confident that with your SwimFin you will be a happy little swimmer in no time! We can’t wait to hear more about your progress. Have a Fin-tastic summer.

    Karin @ SwimFin

  3. I’ve heard about this but never tried it out as I never take my oldest swimming. But this looks pretty safe. might be something I would buy in the future when going on holidays. #TriedandTested

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