My Family’s Top Ten Travel Essentials #MarkWarnerMum

Dear Mummy, we’re heading away on holiday soon so our frantic packing of suitcases has begun! Cue running around like a mad loon trying to squeeze every last item from my fancy dress box into my holdall, much to my mummy’s horror.

You see if I had my way I’d be taking my whole toy box, half my bedroom and the contents of my plastic kitchen….including the kitchen sink! Thankfully the real packing duty falls to my folks, mainly my daddy as he’s the king of tetris and if he can make all my mummy’s shoes fit in one cabin case then she can conquer the world, one heel at a time.

Blissfields Festival Review 2016

The three of us, my mummy, my daddy and I all have different things we want to pack – our travel essentials. These are the items that we can’t go on holiday without. First up are my choices, as you can see I’ve scaled back. No, I don’t need those 20 soft toys!

Battle of the holiday moodboards…

In a world full of travel inspiration we bring you our family top holiday items. We’ve been lucky enough to test some of these items out and work with some great brands in the past like Frezyderm, Trunki, SwimFin and Professor Scrubbington.

Dawlish Warren Beach

We always chuckle that daddy always goes for the ‘practical’ items like travel plugs and passport holders….Bor-ing! While my mummy goes for the more luxurious and flamboyant items like tassel beach bags and ornate sandals…she has to look good by the pool!!

Devon Valley Holidays

I, on the other hand chose for fun. That’s what holidays are for surely so my bag is always packed with toys, swimming pool floats and sunnies.


We had fun making a little video, watch our vlog and see our moodboards come to life, I even tried to wear all my items in one go! We hope our selections tickles your fancy and are available in shops and on Amazon now!

These are my Top Ten Travel Essentials

1. Kids Speedo Goggles £8

I’m just learning to swim and these goggles are perfect for me to dunk my head under the water and practice holding my breath.

2. SwimFin £22.99

Last year we were SwimFin Bloggers, this year I’m ready to hit the pool with my trusty float.

3. FrezyDerm Kids Sun Care SPF 50+ £18.50

We’ve reviewed FrezyDerm suncare before and really liked it. The formula was silky and non-sticky or greasy and it did wonders to keep my skin protected.

4. Inky the PaddlePak Swim Bag £24.99

We’re big fans of the Trunki’s PaddlePak after taking mine on holiday to Devon last year. It was amazing all the stuff I could get inside him. Check out our review here.

5. Monsoon Kids Sunsafe Surf Suit £24

You can’t go wrong with a rash swimsuit especially ones that cover shoulders and other delicate areas. The added UV protection will help my mummy relax a bit and not worry that I’m getting burnt in the pool.

6. VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera Pink £49.99

Why should it just be my parents that take photos? Now I have my very own camera to record my holiday moments from a kids perspective. My mummy is looking forward to looking at the shots I take.

7. Build a Bear Care Bear  £19.50

I’m allowed to take one soft toy on holiday with me and I wouldn’t be without my travel companion Cheer Bear. She’s the perfect size to double up as a pillow on the flight too.

8. Professor Scrubbington’s Foaming Hair & Body Wash £5

We can’t fault this British brand and they make awesome foam washes to help get children clean after mucky adventures. We’re looking forward to reviewing their kids hair and body wash while at the beach.

9. Where’s Wally? The Solid Gold Collection £6.99

Not just one book but five plus a sticker book. This is going to keep me amused for hours and perfect for the airport.

10. Monsoon Kids Flower Cluster Floppy Hat £10

Perfect for keeping the sun off little ones faces these are a must for the summer, plus they look pretty darn cute.

These are my mummy’s top travel essentials


1. JADEtribe Fringe Tassel Small Basket £114

My Mummy treated herself to an awesome new beach bag from JADEtribe, a New York designer. Shipped from the States she loves the pom pom and tassels and the fact its handmade. Buy at

2. Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner £14.99

This is the only fake tan that gives my mummy’s pasty white limbs a lovely natural golden tan. She likes using the bronzer which she can build up everyday. Available at Superdrug.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette 50ml £54

Theres nothing better than a new holiday smell. It’s perfect to remind you for your far away adventures and jog memories. This is one of my mummy favourites.

4. Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Tripod with Ballhead £58

A perfect compact tri-pod for my mummy’s DSLR, with a rotating ball head and bendy legs, this is the perfect accompaniment to add to her camera equipment.

5. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray 300ml £14.99

A great little facial spray to cool you down on the bach or tackle the air-con on a flight. It’s a great way to gently hydrate your skin. The mist provides an immediate feeling of freshness, so it’s ideal for keeping you cool in warm temperatures.

6. Elina Linardaki Maude Sandals £84 (in the sale)

My mummy’s had her eyes on this Greek designer for a long time. Keeping with the pom pom theme, she loves that they are handmade to order and each one is unique.

7. Keep em Quiet Bags – Long Trip: Age 3-5 Years £15.99

My mummy’s secret weapon, she’ll hide this from me until I become fractious on our long haul flight. It’s a travel bag to keep kids amused and contains games, healthy snacks perfect for occupying little ones.

8. Claire’s Zzzz Tie-Dye Eyemask £5

A great investment for mummies. Perfect for when you need to get a bit of shut-eye on a long car journey of long haul flight. These are so cheap and pretty from Claire’s Accessories.

9. Mo Hayder books £12.99

My mummy is a massive fan of Mo Hayers crime thrillers, they contain the perfect blend of suspense, gore and shock that she can’t get enough of. Mo Hayder’s stand alone books and the Jack McCarty ones are perfect for reading on the beach or veranda, once I’m tucked up in bed.

10. Benefit Girl-a-Rama Tin £29.50 (worth £42)

One of the best travel make-up sets we’ve seen! It contains everything my mummy needs for a full face for holiday make-up. Lip Tint, Bronzer blush, eye shadow, pore perfection and mascara.

These are my Daddy’s Top Ten Travel Essentials

#MarkWarnerDad1. Lonely Planet Guide – Travelling with Kids £16.99

Hundreds of fun travel ideas for children of all ages, Information and advice for more than 80 family friendly destinations. Details on how to stay safe and healthy

2. Kleenex Travel Pocket Tissues 99p

Where’s the tissues when you need them, perfect for wet eyes, runny noses and spills, no parent should be without them!

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 £500

At least one big folk should have a phone on them with international bars lifted in order to make emergency phone calls. One that has a pretty cool camera is also a big plus.

4. Gro Anywhere Black Out Blind £22.99

My daddy loves it that when we go away we can just pack it up and it will adjust to any window! It works better for us than a simple blackout blind as fits snug to the window by the suction cups. Perfect for keeping holiday sun out when I’m trying to sleep.

5. Haribo Sweets 99p

This is not a joke. Seriously, Haribo are my daddy’s secret weapon, they have the ability to diffuse a heated situation, perk tired children up and put a smile on my mummy’s face!

6. Bio Ears Soft Silicone Ear Plugs £4.99

Earplugs to help block out sounds and also can be used for swimming to protect ears. Great for travelling with and stopping water getting into the ears when swimming. Less ear infections for everyone!!

7. Nivea Sun Moisturising Lotion and Aftersun Lotion £7.99 each

Lots of suntan lotion is required for our family, its important to put on aftersun lotion too.

8. Travel Plug £4.99

Always sensible researching the place you are visiting and investing in travel plugs to charge-up devices while you are away.

9. Optrix Waterproof Phone Case and Lenses £29.99 (on sale)

Great for protecting your phone by the pool or on the beach, plus you can use this case and lens to take photos underwater so its multi-functional. The Optrix 6 case for the iPhone 6/6s transforms mummy’s iPhone into a rugged and waterproof adventure camera.

10. Skull Candy Headphones £24.99

Headphones are really important for my daddy, it gives him the opportunity to switch off and listen to music on the beach or by the pool….and drown out the noise from a crazy family.

Now the fun bit, we’re going to make these mood boards come to life on our YouTube channel, as if by magic! Pop over and see our favourite items in the flesh.

What’s you favourite item from our selections?

Love Bella x

This is an entry for the Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador Programme #MarkWarnerMum please share and spread the sunshine vibes x

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52 thoughts on “My Family’s Top Ten Travel Essentials #MarkWarnerMum

  1. Hi, great read and interesting to see you that you all have differing essentials you want to pack. On a recent holiday we had only one medium sized rucksack each and that made us plan ahead big time. I love that Haribos are a must for daddy, Chloe #MarvMondays

  2. Where’s wally is fab. Our daughter loves it and it does tend to travel with us too. Have considered buying the kidizoomcamera, possibly for an upcoming birthday?! X

  3. I love Benefit make-up. That tin looks really good. I’d probably buy it regardless of whether or not I was going away anywhere!

  4. Lovely tips and photos, I really want to go to a family friendly festival I have a 5 year old but not sure which one ?

    1. There’s a couple that we really like, Camp Bestival, Jimmy’s Farm and Blissfields are cool and Common People and Funk the Family are smaller day events x we’ve reviewed a lot of them. Festival Kidz is a good site to check out x

  5. I love the look of that kids camera. I kinda want it for me. Nivea suncare is off my list. I burn so badly when I use it no matter how high a factor I use!!

  6. Love the way you all pack different things for different reasons – i’m definitely with you on packing a few frivolous items – holidays are all about the new clothes and shoes and a fabulous beach bag!

  7. I love, love, love Mummy’s sandal choice. I need to get my hand on a pair for my holiday. Also, good choice on the perfume!

  8. I love the mummy list, that tripod is so cool! I really want one now 🙂 I’m a fan of Mo Hayder too – one of my favourite things about hols is having time to get stuck into a good book and chill out a bit.

  9. I love your mood boards, what a great idea having one each for mummy, daddy and the little! Loved watching your video too, lots of things on here that we always take away with us on holiday too. Fab entry, good luck lovely! Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  10. Loved your vlog! Isn’t Bella great on film 🙂 My top pick would be the children’s camera. We have the exact same one in pink. Good luck with your Mark Warner entry, keeping out fingers crossed for you. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  11. I really want a gorilla pod!! Good luck with the entry, not long now till the ambassadors are announced x x

  12. What a great list of travel items! I will surely look for those gorgeous sandals! You have great taste in sandals thats for sure 🙂
    I look forward to reading more from your blog. Please check out my blog too. Thank you x

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