Childrenswear – The Bonnie Mob AW15

Bonnie Baby has grown up!

Dear mummy, we’re huge fans of childrenswear brand Bonnie Baby, so imagine our delight when we found out they were expanding their range and creating clothes not just for babies and toddlers but for older children as well. Bonnie Baby is now The Bonnie Mob!

Here’s our top picks from their AW15 range (for girls) they also produce some fabulous clothes for boys as well using soft knits, bold patterns and beautiful colours. Their fabrics are luxurious and organic and we love their knitwear!

How cute are these?!

The Bonnie Mob AW15

1 The Bonnie mob “LAURIE” Chunky Knit Baby/Kids Sweater

2 The Bonnie mob “KIT” Paw Print Knit Kids or Baby Sweater

3 The Bonnie mob “BIBI” Organic Woodland Girls Dress

4 The Bonnie mob “LEN” Chunky Knit Jaquard Kids Bag

5 The Bonnie mob “DAZE” Dreamer Clouds Knit Kids Sweater

6 The Bonnie mob “LESTER” Chunky Knit Kids Pom Pom Hat

7 The Bonnie mob “ELIJAH” Racoon Striped Kids Knit Sweater

8 The Bonnie mob “JOSH” ‘Doodle’ Stitch Print Kids Balaclava

We can’t wait for the colder weather to arrive so I can wrap up warm in these beautiful knits and cute hats!

A great range The BonnieMob! We’ll post some photos once we can decide on what to buy!

Love Bella x

The Knott Bump & Us

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