My mummy’s birthday week

Dear Mummy, woweee! You’ve had a whirlwind of a birthday week!

You celebrated your 35th birthday this year and booked some time off work to go and treat yourself to some ‘me’ time, which I think is really important for your sanity and ours.

Your birthday celebrations started on Wednesday 26th August where you were lucky enough to secure an online ticket to go and see the infamous Dismaland.Dear Mummy Blog at Dismaland

Dear Mummy Blog at Dismaland

Dear Mummy Blog at Dismaland

Dear Mummy Blog at DismalandA pop-up art exhibition by the notorious Banksy and friends. I saw you struggle for days trying to obtain a ticket for his spectacular tongue-in-cheek show. It has been in very high demand with the website crashing due to popularity (or on purpose?!? – it is a dismal site after all). You drove to Weston-super-mare within 24hrs of getting the ticket and you weren’t disappointed. It lived up to all your expectations. We’ll be writing up a post about your experience at Dismaland very shortly!

Downton Abbey review

Downton Abbey review

imageOn Thursday you had pre-booked tickets to Highclere Castle where they film Downton Abbey. You went with my two Grannies. It was nice to spend time with your mum and mother in law. I heard you had a blast walking around the grounds and inside the house pretending to be Lady Grantham.Lush Southampton Bloggers Event

Lush Southampton Bloggers Event


imageAfterwards you headed to Southampton to join in with a bloggers event at Lush Southampton which was amazing. You enjoyed watching the demonstrations and making your own candy bubble bar!Four Seasons Hampshire ReviewOn Friday Daddy treated you to a Spa retreat at the Four Seasons in Hampshire, where you were treated to lunch and a 1 hour body massage.Four Seasons Hampshire ReviewYou also enjoyed taking time out to sit by the outdoor pool in the sunshine and the spa facilities. It was pure bliss.Four Seasons Hampshire ReviewMy mummy was especially embarrassed when Daddy turned up to give her flowers and chocolates in the restaurant. It was a lovely and thoughtful gesture. The staff at the Four Seasons were polite and very friendly and made her feel like a queen all day.

On Saturday my mummy headed to Reading Festival with friends. Enjoying the atmosphere, having a drink and listening to great bands such as Royal Blood, Bring me the Horizon and Metallica.Reading Festival
imageSunday and Monday were days spent with family and friends and having BBQs and celebrating her Birthday.

All in all a crazy, hectic but fun-filled couple of days for my mummy! I’m sure you will agree that’s it’s been a weird one. I mean who could say that went to Dismaland and Downton Abbey in the same week, chilled out at top spa then rocked it up in the mosh pit at Reading Fest.

Phew! The life of the jet set eh mummy? Don’t get used to this lavish lifestyle, you’ve got nursery fees to pay for! 😉

love Bella x




19 thoughts on “My mummy’s birthday week

  1. Gosh you’ve been busy! So jealous that you got to visit Downtown Abbey – that would give me a wee bit of heart failure! #twinklytuesday

  2. Blimey, what a week. Dismaland looks fascinating, very surreal, and it’s really interesting seeing all the photographs from it. And then a spa day and Reading festival? Wow. Happy birthday. #Pointshoot

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