My door to another world

Dear mummy, I’m convinced that fairies live in our kitchen. I often hear you talk about Fairy when you are at the sink with Daddy. I’m also slightly suspicious that when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning all my toys are all tidied away and the floor mopped.

Do fairies only come out when I am sleeping?

I decided to catch a fairy of my very own. First I needed something to welcome them into my room and make them feel at home. My mummy suggested a Fairy Door from My Own Fairy, and when we were approached to review one we jumped at the chance. I started to formulate my plan.

My Own Fairy Review

Operation Catch-A-Fairy

Day One – Started with a delivery through the post of one premium fairy door. Hand lovingly crafted by My Own Fairy. It was beautifully packaged and came with full instructions and a lovely story book. I received the Pink Fairy Door which had a mushroom design at £19.99. On the website you can also get next day delivery which is perfect for the last-minute dash at Christmas and Birthdays (Daddy take note!)

My Own Fairy Review

Included in the price was:

A pink fairy door made of solid wood and hand painted. Hand crafted and made in England we were amazed by the attention to detail on the packaging and the fairy door itself. It looks like a lovely set and would make a great present. Whats nice is that it’s also suitable for outdoor use and CE marked and produced to meet the highest standards.

A Fairy Door Magical Key which your fairy will need to get through the fairy door. This tiny key is not suitable for children under 36 months.

Magic Fairy Dust which shows when you fairy has visited.

A Letter from the fairies on the box.

Membership to the online fairy club – here you can find a whole host of fairy information, colouring sheets, naming certificate, fairy facts and stories

Downloadable fairy naming certificate – you can choose a name for your fairy and there is a tiny space for your fairy to sign their name after their first visit!

Through the Fairy Door story book and access to loads more stories through the My Own Fairy website. I loved opening up the book and spent ages just staring at the door and little key.

My Own Fairy Review

My Own Fairy Review

Day Two – My mummy let me look at the pages of the story book and started to talk to me about this wonderful concept. Later that night I took the book to bed with me and dreamed of catching this mysterious fairy who lived in our house.

My Own Fairy Review

We had a dry run and tested it out in the hallway to see if any fairies were around… sadly I didn’t wait long enough and was impatient. I tried to get the tiny key to fit in the lock to see I could get in and be transported into the fairy world. It didn’t work and deflated I headed up to bed. My mummy put the fairy door back in its box to keep it safe over night.

My Own Fairy Review

Day Three –  my fairy door had disappeared out of it’s package and magically appeared on my bedroom wall by the skirting board. Strange. How did this happen? Was it the fairy? Making her home in my room. A gateway to her magical kingdom. I was a tad exited. And when I went to investigate the door was locked. Fumbled.

My Own Fairy Review

Later that night in my cot I stared at the fairy door until my eyes grew heavy and I drifted off to sleep. That next morning, my room had been cleaned and all my teddies were lined up in a row! The fairy had been in my room! Woweeee! I felt very blessed to be visited by a fairy, Now every night I say goodnight to my mummy and daddy and the fairies and watch out for them until I eventually drift off ….to….sleep. *Zzzzzzzzz*My Own Fairy Review

A great fun product and another lovely family memory that will stay with all of us for the rest of our lives. I love my fairy door and it will provide us all with much awe and surprise for many years to come. The nice thing about this fairy door set from My Own Fairy Door is that you can customise it yourself and we will be ordering wall stickers to place around the door at Christmas and for special occasions.

Love Bella x
Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.
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14 thoughts on “My door to another world

  1. My girls have recently found a fairy door in their bedroom. The fairies left if when they were sleeping and when my girls are good sometimes the fairy brings them presents! Great review. Love the door! #TreidTested

  2. I cannot wait until Twink is old enough for us to get one of these, I would have loved one as a child who very much believed in fairies!

    Faye @talesandtea


  3. Ahh, I have just bought a fairy door (from a different company) but this one has a few different features that I really like. I love the idea behind the fairy doors and my 2yr old absolutely loves it in her room 🙂


  4. This is beautiful! If we had a little girl I would so get one of these!! Love the wall stickers I have not seen them before with other makes and think they make a lovely touch. I hope you catch a fairy soon! xx #TriedTested

  5. I love all the details – so well thought out!
    Thanks for sharing your post on #TriedTested this week x

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