Sandy Sea Monsters on the beach!

October, 2015

Eeeeeeeeek it’s the Sea Witch!!!!

Dear Mummy, we went to visit my Grandparents on Hayling Island over the weekend. While we were down there we managed to get in another breezy walk down to the beach.

Hayling Island is an island off the south coast of England, in the county of Hampshire. It’s sandwiched between Portsmouth and Chichester and my Grandparents live on the tip of the peninsula next to the beach. It has one bridge in and out from the island and the location is very picturesque. In high season Hayling Island can get very busy due to tourists and water-sports enthusiasts flocking to the coast.

Bella at Hayling Island Beach

It was chilly and grey when we visited but I was determined to find shells and run along the small sandy stretch. I went nowhere near the water today as it looked dark and uninviting (the Sea Witch might have been waiting nearby) so we played up on the shingle ridges. Surfing down the pebble waves.

Bella at Hayling Island Beach

We also created sandy sea people and monsters out of seaweed and stones. It was only a brief trip to the seafront, as it was too cold to be out for longer without big coats.

Bella at Hayling Island Beach

We had really good fun looking for mermaids and dodging the evil sea witch.

We found some magic ‘sea crystal’ made out of weathered glass. They looked all cloudy and frozen with smooth edges and I took them home, along with MORE shells to my mummy’s dismay!!

Bella at Hayling Island Beach

It was a really nice mini trip to the seaside.

Have you braved the beach out-of-season in the UK? It was a bit cold!

Love Bella x

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19 thoughts on “Sandy Sea Monsters on the beach!

  1. What lovely pictures your mummy has taken. She’s captured you in full enjoyment and exploration mode. I hope your ears didn’t hurt from the cold I know from experience mine do at this time near the sea. #LetKidsBeKids and #TwinklyTuesday

  2. I adore the sand people. They’re so creative. What a brilliant activity to do on the beach. I must remember that one. Autumn days on the beach are the best. I love your little outfit. Those tights are really cute. My daughter has some with cats on the knees and they’re her absolute favourites. Your Grandparents live in such a pretty place. But year, definitely beware the sea witch at this time of year, she makes the sea very cold! Thank you so, so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather. xx

  3. We went to the beach this week too! Loving your sea people, we’ll have to have a go at them next time (although we didn’t find any shells at St Anne’s beach, Lancashire, just seaweed!

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