Cabin Fever

Dear Mummy, we’ve been in that period from Christmas to New Year and we’ve got cabin fever. Bad. The weather is stormy and we’re stuck indoors with only food to keep us company. Well, that’s a lie. We’ve got the telly and all my Christmas toys to keep us occupied. We managed to make a … More Cabin Fever

My Autumn Mandala

Last week I wasn’t very well, we decided to stay local and near the house as I was feeling under the weather. (I later find out that I have a bout of tonsillitis – ouchie!) However, after being confined to the house for a couple of days we decided to go out for a short … More My Autumn Mandala

Rainy Day Buttons

Dear Mummy, the weather has been awful these past two days and we’ve been confined to the house. We’ve had fun though by baking and crafting and making lots and lots of stuff. One of my favourite activities has been a really simple one. Playing with buttons.When my mummy was a small girl she remembered … More Rainy Day Buttons