Do you wanna build a snowman?

Do you wanna build a snowman?!?

Well more precisely paint one….or eat one. We had a crafting day yesterday as the weather was miserable.

Snowman Crafts

My mummy prepared all the paints and materials while I watched Frozen for the millionth time! I also needed to get inspiration for my snowman artwork!

Snowman Crafts

We used plain blue paper, white, black and orange paints, PVA glue, silver glitter and….marshmallows! Yes, you heard me right – little floaters! The ones you put in hot chocolate and epic big ones that we usually toast over an open fire.

Snowman Crafts

We smothered with white paint on the paper with 3 great big splodges and stuck the marshmallows down with a mixture of paint and glue. I kept eating our supply of marshmallows though!!

Snowman Crafts

It was very messy but enjoyable. I think you’d agree that our masterpieces look quite good! I had particularly good fun painting my hands and face…who needs a canvas when you have your body eh?

Snowman Crafts


It’s a really simple craft and toddlers love to snack and paint at the same time!! The textures of the marshmallows are lovely and squishy! We’ve hung up our artwork as a Christmas display to show off to the rest of the family! I like to think mine are abstract works of art! Hehe!

Snowman Crafts



Which one is your favourite snowman?

Love Bella x

Dear Bear and Beany

50 thoughts on “Do you wanna build a snowman?

  1. Fab idea for having an extra fun painting session! Tricky to choose a favourite but I suppose the one on the bottom left! Happy Christmas to you all 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids

  2. I think I would really just want to eat all those marshmallows! Great craft ideas and awesome pics #pointshoot

  3. I love the snowman in the second photo down and I think it is far better than many so called works of art in art galleries. A friend and I went to one such exhibition a couple of days ago and decided a toddler could have done better! Happy New Year #PointShoot

  4. That’s brilliant; I would never have thought of using marshmallows for a snowman but it gives it a great 3D effect – well done! Thanks for the tip! #Sharingthebloglove x

  5. Awwwh the finished products look great!!! How cute are they and what a lovely family activity! I think my boys would definitley enjoy some messy fun!!

  6. What a brilliant idea and such a fun activity to do together, I love being creative with my little girl but hadn’t come up with an idea for a Xmas themed session. We used leaves last month which went down a treat! I’ll have to try this out but couldn’t guarantee the marshmellows would last longer then 5 minutes! Also I love all the paintings but the Olaf one is super cute!!

  7. What a fab idea! We’ve got loads of marshmallows in the cupboard from a baking project that I over-bought for. I think this little activity might be making an appearance in the not-too-distant future! Thanks for sharing #sharingthebloglove

  8. This is so cool. I love the way that you’ve incorporated marshmallows into the design. And you look like you’re having so much fun. Maybe in a few months there’ll be enough snow to build the real thing 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  9. These are great! I know we would have eaten far more marshmallows that ever made it one to the paper!

  10. This looks like so much fun!
    I know Hayden would love to do this – We will switch the marshmellows for cotton balls thought. He’ll want to eat them all LOL
    Thanks so much for sharing hunny.
    Charlotte x

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