Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Party Ideas

Dear Mummy, we attended a fabulous Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom themed party last weekend and it was great. The attention to detail was amazing so we just had to share these party ideas.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom party ideas

I’m nearly 3 years old, so one of my favourite programmes is Ben & Holly. I dressed up as a fairy to attend my friends party and really enjoyed pretending to be Holly.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom party ideas

The birthday boy’s name was Jack and he had a bouncy castle and a wonderful themed party table for us to sit at. It included little party plates with the Ben & Holly design on, cute cut-out sandwiches and fun ham & cheese swirls.
Ben & Holly's little kingdom party ideas
We’ve also scoured Pinterest and found some wonderful ideas to help you recreate your own Ben & Holly themed party.
Cute Strawberry Toadstools – Made from Marshmallows and Strawberry’s on cake pop sticks with white chocolate.

Ladybug Babble Cheese bites – Sliced open to make wings.

Ben Elf Party Hats – Great for boys that don’t want to be fairies.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom beautiful cake! One of the best we’ve seen!

Holly’s cute wand – Really easy to make with cardboard and sticks.

Table settings – Using fake grass material.

Ben & Holly's little kingdom party ideas

Let me know what you think of these Ben & Holly Party Ideas!

Love Bella xx

11 thoughts on “Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Party Ideas

  1. I LOVE these ideas! Our daughter turns 3 in a couple of weeks & I’m going to pin this for doing her party. She adores Ben & Holly. The strawberry & marshmallow sticks are just brilliant. #BloggerClubUK

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