Drop Dead Chocolates Review

Dear Mummy, life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get….well on this occasion we did.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

We were kindly sent through a box of chocolates through the letterbox…yes you heard me right the postie delivered them…kinda like the milk tray man but these ain’t no standard chocolates.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

These chocolates are different…very different. They are from Drop Dead Chocolates a British company seeking to nurturing homegrown talent supporting the best of British chocolate manufactures.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

They are premium chocolates and the packaging speaks luxury. They look amazing and mouth wateringly good.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

The attention to detail is exquisite. They are individually sectioned off in their own compartments meaning that they stay upright during dispatch and delivery. Each one is individually placed into a little paper case, like good old-fashioned chocolates.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

The design and style of the packing is very vintage. We love the company’s pin-up girl logo and the black sleek glossy box (which looks like shiny leather) they are presented in which also has a classic feel to it.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

We are reviewing the Queen of Hearts Chocolate box. On first inspection we are very impressed with the hand-finished chocolates and can’t wait to dig in!

Both my folks are helping me taste test them, as there is only so much chocolate I can handle and they don’t want me bouncing off the walls!!

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

My mummy tries the White Chocolate Praline chocolate first, it’s the most eye-catching in the box and tastes as good as it looks – delicious. She also likes the White Chocolate Passion Fruit Fondant Cream which has a pretty pattern on it.

My daddy prefers the dark chocolate versions and tries the Dark Chocolate Lime Ganache. At first he’s not too sure about the flavour combination and admits he’s never had anything like it! The bitterness of the dark chocolate is very heavy and the lime is a bit overpowering but the after taste was ok. You will have to go some way to win him away from the other chocolate maker!

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

I try one of the simple pralines, and have fun ripping it from the foil wrapper. I lick out the centre and hand it back to my mummy, chocolate all around my face. I think that was a success then?

My folks ration me and I love all the white and milk chocolate ones. The more exotic upmarket fillings like the Champagne, Lime and berry ganache flavours are unusual and would go down well with some fizz but Mummy and Daddy get to these first!

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

You wouldn’t want to eat the whole box at once like my folks would do with a cheaper brands, as Drop Dead Chocolates flavours are very sophisticated, quite rich and maybe a bit too much for my parents. My mummy returns back to them the following day and has another couple with a cup of tea, and they are a real treat, she tries not to have too many though as they could get a bit sickly.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

On the whole these are a lovely set of chocolates and very different from the run of the mill ones you get on the high street. They craftsmanship and finish of the chocolate box screams quality. We would definitely recommend them as a special treat for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you don’t eat them all at once as they are very rich.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

What so nice about them as you can send them through the post, potentially with out anyone knowing so they make a perfect surprise from an admirer.

Drop Dead Chocolate Review

At £24.50 for a beautiful box of chocolates with only £3.50 for first class delivery they make a fab gift and a great alternative to flowers.

Love Bella x

…now I’m going to see if mummy will share any of them with me!

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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19 thoughts on “Drop Dead Chocolates Review

  1. Ohmygoodness!! They look absolutely divine!!!! I was lucky enough to be given some Hotel Chocolat chocolates for Christmas and they didn’t last 5 minutes!! I’m a complete pig when it comes to chocolate — no willpower at all!! These look fab Dawn! 🙂

  2. Chocolate through the post. What a treat. I do love a luxury chocolatel
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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