How to make paper roses

Dear mummy, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’d like to make something special for you and daddy. I can’t afford to buy flowers from the shops with my pocket money, so I have decided to make some paper flowers instead.

Paper Roses

They aren’t hard to make, even a toddler like me can do them! (Just make sure an adult helps with the scissors)

What you need:

Pink and red paper or card
Green pipe cleaners
Small amount of ribbon

Paper Roses

Here’s how you make beautiful paper roses:

1) Select your coloured paper. We used a mixture of red and pink card and paper.

Paper Flowers

2) Cut the A4 sheets into quarters. This makes it a bit more manageable for small hands.

Paper Flowers

3) Start cutting out circles from the quarters. They don’t have to be perfect, we had rough circles and funny shaped ovals! The smaller the circle the smaller the flower.

Paper Flowers

4) Once you have a good number of circles, half a dozen should be good to make a bouquet of flowers, start to cut spirals out of them. This can be quite tricky for toddlers so I had an adult give me a hand.

Paper Flowers

5) Once the spirals have been cut, take the end of the curve and slowly start to curl them following the spiral shape. Roll the spiral up, working from the outside edge into the middle.

Paper Flowers

6) You’ll see that they start to curl inwards and create a lovely rolled rose shape! Allow the flower to loosen in your hand to see the full shape.

Paper Roses

7) Grab some pipe cleaners, we choose green for the flower stems, and feed them through the centre of the loose paper roses.

8) One by one, use sellotape to secure the paper rose to the stem and close the spiral. This should keep the paper roses in place.

Paper Roses

9) Bunch all the paper roses together and secure with some ribbon and voilà! You can decorate them further by adding glitter and paper leaves.

Paper Roses

I hope my parents like them! A really simple paper craft to do at home with children.

Love Bella x

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