Ode to my Cot

Dear Cot, thanks a million you’ve been a good friend. My step up from a Moses Basket you helped my mummy no end.

Bella in Moses Basket

Your bars kept me safe and away from harms reach. Even the thought of escaping I never did teach. My cot protected me and kept me lovely and warm. All tucked up in a ‘gro bag’ after I was born.

Bella Baby

My mummy remembers laying me down at night, adjusting my legs so I was positioned just right. And rubbing my back when I was unsettled and crying. And watching my breathing, I was so small there’s no denying.

Sleeping Bella

I’ve grown so much in these past three years, I could have stayed in my cot – I had no arrears. But now I’ve been evicted and it’s time that I make the transition, I hope it doesn’t put my folks in an awkward position.

My Cot

With no bars to keep me contained during the night, they hope I don’t appear in their room and give them a fright. Waking them up from their slumber with a whispering ‘mummy’. It seems strange that at night-time I will be free to be funny.

Bella's Big Girl Bed

And now I’ve got a big girl bed to rest my weary little head. I snuggle up in my duvet cover and read books with my mother. I love my new big girl bed and prefer much more than the other. So ‘goodbye’ to my wooden brown cot, my mummy will miss you lots and lots.

Bella's Big Girl Bed

Another chapter of our life together has ended and another has started we’re all excited about this item which has departed.

Goodbye cot… ‘ello big girl bed.

Love Bella X


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28 thoughts on “Ode to my Cot

  1. Oh wow, so much has changed in such a short space of time. It seems like 5 minutes ago my twin nephews were born and now they both have their own beds x

  2. Aww, a big milestone! My son has been in a bed for about six months now and it does feel like a big change at first. I think he adjusted quicker than us though lol! Thanks for sharing #bloggerclubuk

  3. Aww – so cute! Glad the new bed is a success! Toddler went into a bed when she’d just turned 2 & she’s behaved really well so far. Not sure Baby will when she comes out of a cot! #twinklytuesday

  4. Ah I love this! She looks so happy in her new bed. We have just gone from toddler bed to single, what a wrench. I hope you don’t get too many nocturnal visits – we put a stair gate over the door! xx #coolmumclub

  5. Ahhh this is so sweet! Congrats on the big girl bed. Our daughter moved into her big girl bed last month. They look so tiny in the big bed for awhile! Thanks for sharing with #bloggerclubuk xx

  6. This is sweet. We’ll be making the transition in the next couple weeks and I can only hope that it goes as smoothly for us as it did for you.

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