Valentine’s Day Gifts – That are FREE!

Free Valentine's Day Gifts

Dear Mummy, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently…with all the gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift guides out surely there must be a way of showing your love better than buying some flowers or jewellery?

What about people (like me) that have no money? How can I show someone I care this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t cost the earth (well, actually they don’t cost anything!)

1) Cuddles. The power of the hug is an amazing thing! I’ve taken inspiration from the CareBears. Hugs make you feel good too!

2) Sleeping. Give the gift of sleep to your weary partner this Valentine’s Day. It will make them feel happy and refreshed.

3) Laughing. Make your love ones chuckle this year. Tickle them or tell a funny joke. It doesn’t cost a penny and really helps to lift their mood!

4) A break. The gift of free time is a great present for Valentine’s Day this year! Even a couple of hours for a mummy or daddy to read a book or a trashy magazine will show you care about their wellbeing.

5) Kissing. Yes, I’m too young to really know about this…I just know my folks don’t do enough of it. I’m sure my daddy would like some more of this. Show your love with a kiss this year!

All this is free! So go on, what are you waiting for!

Love Bella x

Care Bears Wikipedia


13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts – That are FREE!

  1. Great list! I’m hoping for some sleep, that would be my ideal gift for Valentine’s day. In return I’m aiming to be extra kind and patient. We’re definitely all about the free gifts this year 🙂

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