Northern Ireland Beach Day at Portstewart

Dear Mummy, on a recent trip to Belfast to see my Grandparents we headed up to the Causeway Coast for the day.

A day in Portstewart

The journey took us up the M2 to Ballymena then past Coleraine to Portstewart. My mummy grew up around the Causeway Coast so knows the area very well. She used to ‘cruise’ down Portstewart promenade in her supped up Renault Clio! Lol.

A day in Portstewart

Portstewart is a small town in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It’s a seaside resort next to Portrush. Its harbour and scenic coastal paths form an Atlantic promenade leading to 2 miles of golden strand (Portstewart Strand). Portstewart is probably best known for this sandy beach, popular with surfers.

Today we visited because the weather was bright and mild. We were very surprised that the sunshine was out, so treated ourselves to Ice Cream at a famous Ice Cream parlour called “Morelli’s”. It’s what makes visiting Portstewart special for our family and the cafe is always buzzing.

A day in Portstewart

We decided to treat ourselves and ordered one of the largest ice creams on the menu called “Family Fun”. Oh dear mummy….it was the biggest ice cream sundae we’d ever seen!

A day in Portstewart

It came with 10 scoops of different ice cream flavours from Salted Caramel to Bubblegum with dishes of toppings, cream and wafers. It was decorated beautifully and filled the whole family up!

A day in Portstewart

Morelli’s Ice Cream Parlour also have hot food on their menu and a lovely selection of tea & coffee and cake! Their fish and chips smelt amazing!

A day in Portstewart

We found a lovely little gift shop, were we picked up a bucket and spade for our trip round the corner to Portstewart Strand.

A day in Portstewart

It’s a lovely stretch of golden sand the other side of Portstewart convent. It’s now owned by the National Trust, but on the day we visited we weren’t asked for our membership cards. You can drive straight on to the beach which stretches 2 miles. It backs on to fantastic sand dunes and we have fun ‘going on a bear hunt’ and playing hide and seek.

A day in Portstewart

The sand is powdery soft by the dunes and super flat by the tide which make it great to run on. We chase each other and run races up and down the sand. I let my mummy win a couple of times, but I’m far too fit for her to keep up with.

A day in Portstewart

My mummy searches for shells by the waters edge but they’re aren’t many, so we chase the tide in and out of the shore instead.

A day in Portstewart

We had an amazing and very unexpected sunny day at the beach in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. In our opinion the Causeway Coast has some of the best beaches in the UK. Such beautiful scenery and lots of room to roam!

Love Bella x

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A day in Portstewart


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28 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Beach Day at Portstewart

  1. I’ve never been to Ireland, but it looks so beautiful there. That ice cream looks enormous, wow! Love that you all get to share it. Looks like a great day.
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Now this is my idea of ‘family fun’! Looks like you enjoyed your trip, you were lucky with the weather!! I remember going to Morelli’s as a child for a banana split 🙂 I am a complete ice-cream addict, to the point where I cannot even have it in the house as I would eat the entire tub – I blame this entirely on the fact that I used to live in a tiny town called Kilrea opposite the best ice-cream shop called Mullins. It was a small family run factory and now years later, much to my delight it’s available all over N.I 🙂 Although I now live in Bedfordshire, I do take the family over a couple of times a year. Actually we’re visiting my parents in Belfast next month so I may just have to take a wee trip out to Portstewart and introduce the kids to Morellis! (Oh, and my Mum still buys me a tub of Mullins ‘Honeycomb’ every time I visit).

    1. No way! This is too funny, can’t believe you just reminded me – Paul McAtamney was my first ever kiss, hilarious!! (back of the swimming bus in case you’re wondering) 🙂 Small world indeed! We lived in a pub on The Diamond.

  3. Those beaches and sand dunes are gorgeous… one of my favorite things to do is play in our local ones in Coronado CA. I had no idea there was something similar in Ireland. So neat! And, my kids would have FLIPPED over that sundae. It looks massive!! #MondayEscapes

  4. What a wonderful stretch of coast, I am longing to get my surf board out for the season, those waves look lovely and a perfect sandy beachtoo. Such an amazing looking area to grow up, I bet it was great to be back and that ice cream, my days that is a feast! #TwinklyTuesday, See you on #CountryKids at the weekend.

  5. It’s such a beautiful coast there, always looks so wild but gorgeous sand (and a great ice cream parlour). Love a day out at the beach with my daughter #bloggerclubuk

  6. What gorgeous scenery and looks like you had a lot of fun on the beach. That ice cream sundae looks and sounds amazing – I want some! 🙂

  7. What a wonderful day out! This is somewhere I would love us to visit that we have yet to explore. Ireland looks like such a beautiful country. #BloggerClubUK

  8. Such gorgeous beaches…haven’t been to that Morelli’s yet…might have to go and have a peek😉 I’m quite partial to Mauds Poor (used to be Pooh) Bear ice-cream…OMG, yum, yum! xx

  9. I am so jealous of your beautiful day at the beach! Our nearest beach if 4-5 hours away! Also, that Family Fun Ice Cream has me drooling! WOWZERS! #LetKidsBeKids

  10. Beautiful pictures, a day at the beach is always so therapeutic for everyone. The ice-cream and topping was a real treat!

  11. Oh this looks amazing! What a fun family weekend. The beaches look fab. And that ice cream sundae is crazy! Family fun indeed!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk

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