Dear Mummy Blog 2016 Review and Infographic

Hi there everyone!

Happy New Year! We hope you have recovered from Christmas and the festivities. Us, like millions of others are happy to see the back of 2016. Enough human tragedy and death, political disarray and social unrest. However, in our little bubble that is our family, 2016 wasn’t that bad for us. It was filled with lots of adventures and positive family experiences. Some took us out of our comfort zone – like attending 3 festivals in a row, one which included a thunder-storm. Camping for 3 weekends in a row sounds like hard work but it was actually a lot of fun (though Daddy won’t admit it!).

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My mummy flew solo with a crazy toddler in tow to Northern Ireland which actually didn’t end up that bad and gave her the confidence to travel a lot more on her own with me. She now feels happy to balance suitcases and a child going through security and gates. My folks won a wonderful competition from Canopy & Stars and celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary in style.

2016 included a lot of firsts for us which produced some wonderful memories:

  • We had our first caravan holiday to Devon, after my daddy vowed never to holiday in a caravan it was actually one of the best mini holidays we’ve ever had!
  • My folks slept in a treehouse for the first time.
  • We built a UFO and pitched our tent on a hill slope at Camp Bestival
  • I went to the cinema for the first time and saw Finding Dory.

So here’s a little infographic to show what we got up too. Who knows what 2017 will hold for us… but one thing we know is that “it’s not the destination… it’s the journey”.

Love Bella and her folks, Dawn and Alex.


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