Out of this world sale shopping!

Dear mummy, we’re always in the hunt to save money in this household and with the festival and summer season coming up we’ve scoured the Internet to find some cost-effective fashion outlets. We don’t really have the time to be trawling the high street shops especially with my daddy in tow! He grunts and pants a lot carrying our shopping bags 😉 Sometimes it’s nice to shop from the comfort of your sofa.

Love the Sales

However, my mummy’s not one to pass on the big brand sales either and prefers quality over quantity especially when I’m concerned. She tends to find that branded items last a bit longer and are made out of quality fabrics. So to find a website that searched the branded sales for you sounds great!

Love the Sales review

This year we are searching for particular items, clothes to wear for Camp Bestival which tie into the theme of Outer Space. When we discovered Love the Sales it was really handy. It is an awesome website and searching the internet for money-saving deals and refining them becomes super easy!

It basically shows all the sales that are online in one place and acts as a referral site. There are some great brands showcased on it like French Connection, Vans, Vivienne Westwood, Topshop, Disney, WildFox and House of Fraser concessions. With up to 75% off. It contains some of the biggest discounts she has ever seen! You can view all the sales without logging in, but if you do set up an account you have the ability to save brands and only see the items you want to see through a very sophisticated refine tab. We searched for ‘space’ ‘stars’ and ‘silver’ and had some great results turn up. It was super easy and fun! Great for penny saving exercise for mums that don’t have time to be scrolling through hundreds of sales!


Camp Bestival is coming up in July and the theme for it is ‘outer space’ so my mummy wanted to find something that was fashionable and ‘spacey’ that could be worn over and over again. She’s a big fan of House of Fraser in Reading so when she found the House of Fraser sales on the Love the Sales website, which had their items on discount, it was a no brainer!

Bargains from Love the Sales

We found loads of items that we loved. My mummy picked me out some Star Leggings and a beautiful silver sequin top from Dickens & Jones which would be perfect for festival season. With quality detail on the shoulders my mummy has never thought to look at Dickens & Jones at House of Fraser for me and she would have only found out about this bargain if she had visited the Love The Sales website. She got them for 20% off the original price of £12.99.

Bargains from Love the Sales

My mummy found a French Connection top from the French Connection sale which she’s had her eyes on for ages. A lovely sheer black panel tunic with jewelled collar. Full price it was £120 and through Love for Sales she found it for £25! Bargain! This top is perfect for festivals, work and will take her right through to Winter!

Bargains from Love the Sales

My mummy also picked up a funky French Connection t-shirt which has FAME emblazed all over it for only a tenner reduced down from £45. Delivery was super quick too! Perfect for last-minute panic buying that we always do before the summer season! 😉

So what do you think of our fashion picks?

Here’s some other little gems I found off this fab discount site perfect for Camp Bestival’s ‘Outer Space‘ theme this year!


So whenever you are searching for deals and fancy picking up a bargain we’d recommend this site having used it extensively to search for sales. We’ll be using it in the future. It constantly changes so we are stocking up for next year! It saves all the queuing on the high street too in the mid Summer and January sales!

Love Bella X Future Fashionista
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13 thoughts on “Out of this world sale shopping!

  1. OMG, I could barely get through your review without saying ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and wanting to dash onto the Love The Sales website. And what amazing bargains. Love, love, love your Star Wars collection and I can see my boy wearing the Star Wars long sleeved top. I’m clicking over now!
    Great review and thanks for sharing

  2. Never heard of that website! I don’t shop in the real world anymore as my son likes to hide in coats and other mum terrifying things so I am Googling this site! Hope you have a fab time at Bestival! #Bloggerclubuk

  3. This is a fab idea for a site. I hate trawling web sites looking for deals and anything that does that for me is a winner!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  4. Some amazing bargains how have I never been to this site before! I love your picks and I’m sure you will both look out of this world! (sorry couldn’t help it) #weekendtotstyle

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