Beauty and the zombies – Our week in photos

Dear Mummy, woweee it sounds like you’ve had the most random of weeks! You visited Festival Place Shopping Centre’s Big Brand Fashion event. Which gave you the perfect excuse to be pampered and have a leisurely stroll about our local shopping centre, you watched the summer fashion on the catwalk and received some fashion tips. Just what you needed before the summer hits!

You had you hair styled by Shear Beauty, a local salon and chatted away while enjoying an ice-cold mint and lime drink from Costa. You watched the fashion show organised by retailers from Festival Place and got some great inspiration for the summer months. You were so inspired that you got yourself a new summer wardrobe! As well as complimentary treatments and a free fashion show, Festival Place handed out some fantastic prizes throughout the weekend using #fashionplace on Twitter and Instagram for the best paparazzi fashion selfies. My mummy couldn’t resist joining in with the photos but wasn’t the most confident in front of the cameras!

We enjoyed a BBQ during our mini heatwave, the hottest so far this year. You’ve been nursing a summer cold brought on my the shift in temperature so was feeling a bit poorly. I had a little play in the paddling pool and donned my swimsuit for the first time this year!

We then had fun in the garden planting seeds and taming our wild garden. We’re currently nursing them on the windowsill in a propaganda tray. We even found some small snails and slugs hidden away in our compost!

You’ve had fun sale shopping on Love the Sales! and found some great bargains just in time for festival season to begin. We trawled the Internet looking for costumes ideas for Camp Bestival’s outer space theme. You missed a bloggers event at Basingstoke LUSH due to Daddy returning late home because of all the horrendous traffic problems on our local motorways. Which was a massive shame as you were going to be shown all the new Father’s Day products. Last time you went to a LUSH event it was for Valentine’s Day.

We had a lovely afternoon with my Grandma watching a classic movie as part of the Sunrise Senior Living Retro Night campaign. We enjoyed watching the Wizard of Oz and eating popcorn and retro sweets.

You got chased by zombies at Secret Cinema’s live screening of 28 Days later in London. Which was great fun and you can read the review here.

Phew…is that all? I think you may need to slow down mummy! If you would like to follow our antics we’re on Instagram here! This week is equally packed with our first trip to Weymouth SEALIFE centre in which we’ve been selected to be blog ambassadors for!

We’re attending BlogCamp in Birmingham with Tots100 and celebrating a family friend christening the following day. A lovely excuse to be thankful at church and put on our Sunday best.

What have you been up to recently?

Love Bella x


11 thoughts on “Beauty and the zombies – Our week in photos

  1. lovely photos and it sounds fun watching wizard of oz. We have watched those too recently! #pointshoot (Angela from Daysinbed)

  2. what a jam packed week you’ve had. you’ve just reminded me that I need to plant some seeds! Thanks! #pointshoot

  3. Man that is one busy weekend, I love the close up of your hand, it’s fab!

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot x

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