Our gift guide for new mummies at George at ASDA

Dear Mummy, you often get asked the question what to buy a new mum or an expectant mother. So to help guide you through the minefield on the high street we’ve selected our favourite picks from supermarket giant ASDA.

George at ASDA have a great range of items perfect for new mummies, so you never have to trawl the high street again looking for bargains – they have everything under one roof and on one website. My mummy knows what its like to be a new mum, what makes her feel good and eases the stress of becoming a new parent. The nice thing about George at ASDA is that their prices are really reasonable which means there’s money in the budget to buy a new mummy some flowers, chocolate or even a cheeky bottle of wine (depending whether they are breastfeeding or not) as well. It’s not just about the clothes at George at ASDA, they also do home items such as soft furnishings, perfumes and candles which can make returning home from hospital with a baby a happy and tranquil experience.

Here’s our top picks for new mummies

New Mum gifts from George at ASDA

We found a lovely floral frame in-store, great for putting the first baby picture in and spotted a Floral Print Hurricane Vase at £6 perfect for displaying flowers, to brighten dark mornings and cheer a new mummy up 🙂 – we’re actually thinking of getting this for ourselves!

We all know what is like to get up early and be a bit cold and the Pink Faux Mohair Check Throw for £10 is stylish and snuggly, great for night feeds to keep legs and feet toasty warm. We also like the Open Knit Pink throw at £15 which is breathable and makes a great baby blanket and shawl for breastfeeding mummies.

No new mummy can be without multiple slouchy PJ’s and joggers to wear around the house on maternity leave, my mummy lived in hers and the Marl Knit PJ Bottoms £9 and Long Sleeve Top £8 would make a welcomed addition returning back from hospital. Mums need multiple PJ sets with all that baby puke, milk spills and general mess that goes on in the early days.

But lets not forget the new arrivals!!

Here’s our picks for Baby Girls and Baby Boys from George.

Baby Girl gifts from George at ASDA

We’re massive fans of florals so couldn’t resist selecting our choice ditsy pattern. We also think that the starter baby grow packs are great too, as it allows new parents to pack them and store them away together, especially if you buy a couple of months bigger which means they can be wearing them way after the birth date. I’m still wearing clothes that were bought for me by friends at my Christening!

1) 2 Pack Hat and Mittens Set £3

2) Floral Dress and Legging Set £7

3) Bear Snuggler £4

4) Rattle and Snuggler Set £5

5) Disney Bambi Sleeping Bag £12

6) Disney Winnie the Poo 4 Piece Starter Set

7) Floral Dress and Knicker Set £8

Baby Girl gifts from George at ASDA

Boys are fun to buy for and we’re loving all the Dinosaur inspired outfits and cute toys at George at ASDA. Stripes are also very fashionable and cute at the moment. How cute is that dinosaur cushion?!

1) Dinosaur Cushion £7

2) Dinosaur Print 3 Piece Set £7

3) 7 Pack Dinosaur Bodysuits £7.50

4) 3 Pack Dinosaur Sleepsuits £7

5) Baby Dinosaur Hooded Towel £7

6) Ear Detail Striped Hoody £5

So, next time you are trawling the internet or pounding the high street trying to find a last minute gift for a new parent why not try George at ASDA you might be surprised at their range. The added bonus is that if you can’t find anything in George you can always pop over to the food court and buy loads of chocolate…or alcohol. 🙂

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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22 thoughts on “Our gift guide for new mummies at George at ASDA

  1. Really like those pyjamas, I’m always looking for PJs I can just about get away with going outside in.

  2. Some really lovely ideas here. I particularly love the dinosaur cushion, my two would love that as he looks like George Pig’s dinosaur xx

  3. George is one of my favourite shops! It’s the one I always head to when looking for something for me, kids, home or presents 🙂

  4. Just waiting on the arrival of our baby boy I naturally scrolled down to that section – cue swoon! Might have to order that dinosoar towel! Mrs C x #twinkleytuesday

  5. I love this, we have a birthday party this weekend for my friends one year old. There are some great bits here, I think I will head over and see what I can pick up!


  6. I love all of these! Especially those pj’s and the blankets. That dinosaur cushion is so cute too. I buy quite a lot of Leo’s stuff from George, it’s so reasonably priced xx #TwinklyTuesday

  7. Aww those girly things! I’m patting my bump
    As I read this. I really like the frame too – so colourful. I avoid Asda as I always come back with a shed load of stuff including Yankee candles and get yelled at lol xx #twinklytuesday

  8. Got to love a bit of George! That Dinosaur is amazing my son would love that I’m definitely ging to try and get him one! #TwinklyTuesday

  9. I seen that vase in asda and was tempted to pick that up. Snugglers are the best things ever, Heidi still carries her everywhere and she is nearly 2 #BloggerClubUK

  10. I love all of the pieces in each post. My favourites are the pyjamas for mum, they look very cosy. I love the girly pieces as I’m a lover of florals and the boys pieces are so cute and vibrant. Great choices! #twinklytuesday

  11. I am ALL about the throws, LOVE that checked one it’s gorgeous! Lovely picks Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

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