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New Mum gifts from George at ASDA

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New York, New York!

New York Ininerary

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A toddler free day!

A toddler free day!

We had a hectic bank holiday weekend, so my mummy was prudent and booked off a ‘buffer’ day before she went back to work.

This was her rest day. A day where she just kicked back and relaxed. It was her bank holiday in lieu.

On Tuesday the weather was wet and miserable. It was dark in the house and she snuggled up on the sofa.

While people were busy commuting to work she was in her pjs and under a rug. She was happy that she made the decision to book the time of work and recharge her batteries.

Simple Pleasures

She reflected on how lucky she was to have the opportunity to do this. A toddler and work free day, a break from the daily grind.

This is what she got up to.

1) She stayed in her PJs….ALL DAY! Lazy sod 😉

2) She had the chance to eat a full breakfast without having my little fingers pinch the red berries out of her cereal.

3) She watched some epic films including American Beauty, Wolf on Wall Street and Cloud Atlas.

4) She pottered aimlessly around the house getting side tracked – she spent an hour sorting out my clothes in my room!

5) She actually sat down with a cup of hot tea and read some of her book!

6) She managed to have a hot bath.

7) She watched some more telly and caught up on the news.

8) She surfed the Internet and did a little bit of blogging.

9) She organised herself, writing her lists and laying out clothes.

10) She caught up on sleep and dozed on the sofa…bliss!

When was the last time you had some ‘you’ time?

This post was inspired by one of my mummy’s #SoMum Twitter parties run by the fabulous Pippa@StoryofMum

#SoMum Yes Vest

The aim of the Story of Mum excercise was to say ‘yes’ to what she needed. This month my mummy needed some ‘me’ time at home x

How would you spend your ‘alone’ time?

Bella x

The next #somum make date is on the 20th May 2015 – why don’t you pop over and have a look 🙂

The List

Push Kate Push!

Push Kate Push

5 reasons why we’re excited to see another Royal Baby!

1) We love getting sucked up in all the buzz of the coverage on telly. My mummy is a sucker for live coverage and live news feeds. #RoyalBabyWatch

2) It’s a royal baby! Any new arrival is special, but this one makes history. The baby’s sex makes no difference to the line of succession. We’re fans of the Royals in this household (I know a lot of people out there aren’t) we love celebrating our history and national pride.

3) The not knowing….is it a girl, is it a boy? eek exciting. Maybe another future prince for me to marry!

4) What will Kate be wearing when she presents the new baby to the world, who will be the visitors?

5) ….all the months and years to come watching this new baby grow up to be fourth in line to the throne. Will the be a wild child or a reserved royal? Who knows..

Bella x ….or Lady Isabella in future?

The List

50 Things that make me happy….by my mummy

50 things that make me happy…
…by my mummy.

Dear Mummy, last week I shared 50 things that make a toddler happy and this week it’s your go!

It started when PickingUpToys tagging us for the 50 Happy Things challenge. There are lots of people participating in this at the moment, so I hope you like getting to know me and my mummy a bit better 🙂

50 Things that make my mummy happy

Here’s my mummy’s list of 50 things that make her happy. Simples x

1) Me and Daddy of course!

2) Her family and close friends

3) National Trust walks

4) Taking photos with her new camera

5) Social media and blogging

6) Watching great telly like Game of Thrones, Gotham, Hannibal and True Detective

7) Reading Mo Hayder books

8) Shopping (when she has the money)

9) Window shopping (when she doesn’t have the money!)

10) #SoMum make dates on Twitter – they are such fun!

11) Crafting with me

12) Summer picnics

13) A new haircut

14) Scrunchy head (head massage to me and you)

15) Back rubs

16) Going to Festivals

17) Camping and the great outdoors

18) Swimming

19) Graphic Design

20) Day trips to London

21) Day trips to Brighton

22) Anything vintage

23) Charity shop hunting and car-booting

24) Dancing

25) Drinking Strawberry & Lime Cider in the sun

26) Ulster Fry-ups

27) Guinness

28) Painting her nails

30) Watching me – it’s one of her favourite pastimes

31) Sleep and her bed

32) Halloween

33) Bonfire Night

34) Slipknot Wednesdays

35) Scott Mills – a man from her home town!

36) Pears

37) Afternoon tea with Earl Grey

38) Watching funny YouTube videos

39) Fashion and reading magazines

40) Karma. People getting a good dose.

41) Top Gear

42) Going to gigs

43) Kebabs

44) Going to the Beach

45) Visiting the Witches at Burley, New Forest

46) Spa days

47) Clean sheets

48) Seeing blossom everywhere

49) Her faith

50) Our life

We hope you like this weeks list!

Love Bella and her mummy x

The List

50 things that make me happy… by a toddler

50 things that make me happy…
…by a toddler.

Dear Mummy, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot recently. What really makes me happy as a toddler? It’s not the same as an adult surely? I have no real concept of money, status or power. I’m sure my mummy’s list would differ greatly to mine?

Thank you to PickingUpToys for tagging me for the 50 Happy Things challenge! There are lots of people participating in this at the moment so I hope you like getting to know me a bit better 🙂

So here’s my list of 50 things that make me happy is a simple list of things that bring pleasure to my day.

1) My Daddy and Mummy (obviously!).

2) My Grandparents.

3) Sunshine and dry weather.

4) The outdoors and getting fresh air.

5) Puddle jumping with wellies on.

6) Kiss chase with the boys at nursery. (shhh don’t tell daddy! He’ll have them shot!)

7) Cake (like in my #Betterwithcake post – see the video for a giggle).

8) Disney’s Frozen (I love signing “legit goooooooo, legit goooooooo”).

9) The Gruffalo and anything to do with the Gruffalo.

10) My Dollies (I like putting them to sleep and saying Shhhhhh).

11) My sleep (I think this brings more pleasure to my mummy than me!).

12) Bananas.

13) Grapes (only the red ones).

14) Hats.

15) My plastic motorcycle (broom broom).

16) Turtle (I hope we’re not drifting apart!).

17) Making tea.

18) Reading books.

19) Gurgle Magazine.

20) Turning the radio on and dancing.

21) Feeding crisps into the DVD player.

22) Taking “selfies” with mummy’s phone when she’s not looking.

23) Blowing kisses.

24) Giving hugs to everyone…even strangers on the street. If they ask – they get!

25) Watching Mr Tumble and his spotty bag.

26) Drinking my bottle.

27) Sucking my thumb.

28) Making trumpet noises when sucking my thumb.

29) Bear.

30) Gizzy my cat.

31) Messy play and handprints.

32) Red berries nicked from my mummy’s Special K.

33) Stealing toilet roll.

34) Trying to wipe my mummy’s bum while she’s on the loo (I’m a bit of a stalker).

35) Exposing my tummy.

36) The National Trust (They’ve been there every step of the way on our adventures).

37) Car snoozes

38) Throwing myself off the sofa or anything that gives my mummy a heart attack.

39) My mummy’s nail varnish collection which I have been secretly eyeing up when she’s not looking.

40) Those iddy biddy marshmallows which my mummy puts on her hot chocolate, they taste yummy.

41) Pulling faces (I’ve only just learnt how to do this from daddy).

42) Stickers! What kid doesn’t love stickers??

43) Stars (ok, so they are fake stars on my ceiling but don’t tell my mummy I know that, right?).

44) Crayons – I like to stick them in my ear.

45) Happyland characters – I like to stick them in my ear.

46) Hide and Seek.

47) My bouncy chair in my nursery.

48) Tickles from Daddy.

49) Airplane with Grandpa.

50) My own space…well I am a toddler after all.

Love Bella x

Check back next week to see what my mummy’s list looks like….I wonder how different it’ll be to mine?


Top Ten Places in Hampshire this Easter!

Easter in Hampshire

Top Ten Places in Hampshire this Easter!

Dear mummy, here’s a little list I compiled of places to go and things to do in Hampshire this Easter! Easter is a lovely time in this neck of the woods and we love visiting gardens and farms in Spring. Here’s our top ten attractions.

  • Exbury Gardens, Southampton – Explore the Rhododendrons and jump on the steam train to see the Easter Bunny. We visited last year and had a great time!
  • Visit Marwell Wildlife, Southampton – To join in with the Easter Park Trail in the Zoo!
  • Build Lego at Bricks in Motion at Milestones Museum, Basingstoke – Watch the master builders create stunning displays out of Lego. We went last year to Lego Lost World and had a fab time.
  • See the spring lambs at Manydown Farm, Basingstoke – It’s lambing season along with Easter crafts and activities. We went last year and I made an Easter Egg card for my mummy!
  • Visit The National Trust at Mottisfont, Romsey and go to the Easter Bunny Ball and join in with the Easter Egg hunt.
  • Visit Wellington Country Park, on the Hampshire border of Basingstoke/Reading and join in with one if their themed days over the Easter break! We’re looking forward to visiting the Circus!
  • Visit The Vyne and join in with their Cadbury Easter Egg trail.
  • Finkley Down Farm, Andover – Pop down to the farm come rain or shine and see the little chicks and lambs!
  • Pop into Basingstoke Town and enjoy the events Festival Place have put on – Eat Street will be bringing live cooking demonstrations, entertainment and prizes. Also at the Top of Town in Basingstoke there will be Easter activities and entertainment too!

We hope you like our little list on activities over the Easter Break in Hampshire. Hopefully you can join in the fun! Let us know where you visit if you are local 🙂

Love Bella x

The List