Num Noms Toy Review

Dear mummy, you’re not very clued up on toys, often missing playground crazes and slow to get ‘down with the kids’. However even you were excited to receive our first ever pack of Nom Noms. If they are anything like Shopkins they are set to steal the playground crown this year.

Num Noms Toy Review

So what are Num Noms? 

Num Noms are little scented characters that are made to look like food and smell like food! You can stack them and collect them, and they take on five forms: regular Nums, lip gloss Noms (called Gloss-Ups), stamp Noms (called Stamp-Its), eraser Noms (called Erase-Its) or motorised Noms (called Go-Gos)! They are now in the second series of collectables and we’ve joined in the fad fairly late here in the UK. Num Noms have just launched in the UK, so look out for them in your favourite high street or online toy store.

Num Noms Toy Review

Whats the deal with the name?

We kinda like the name, when I was little I use to refer to food as ‘Nom Nom’. These Num Noms are all themed around flavours, like sweets, ice cream and savoury. The Nums are the outer, soft, squishy characters which smell, and the Noms are the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either motorised to scoot around, or filled with flavoured lip gloss or act like ink stamps or erasers. You can nestle a Num inside a Nom for fun mix and match play, stack them high to make wacky combos or race them against each other.

Num Noms Toy Review

We’re not too sure about the scented Nums as they smell all the same and can’t really tell the difference – maybe because the jumbo pack has them all in together. However the motorised vibrating Nom’s are blooming awesome! I turn them on and hide them within things and chuckle as they move around like little animals – even my mummy raises a smile! They have batteries and zoom around on the ground when you press the button (bow) on their heads! They are a little bit noisy as well, so can get a little irritating for adults when they are left on and hidden around the house. My mummy spent ages hunting for the one I hid under the sofa. I just thought it was a funny game!

Num Noms Toy Review

We were sent two different packages of Num Noms to review.
Num Noms Series 2 Deluxe Pack – Diner Jumbo Combo – £14.99
These are for sale at The Entertainer, Toys’R’Us and online and easy to pick up. We actually like the fact that they aren’t a sweet treat but based on a fast food outlet (my mummy is a huge fan of fast food – much to her waistline’s dismay).
Num Noms Toy Review
We received 8 Num Noms in the Jumbo pack and it makes a great starter pack –  ‘Hammy Burger’, ‘Hayley Dog’, ‘Frenchie Fries’, ‘Lemony Cola’, ‘Cheesy Go-Go’, ‘Ketchup Go-Go’, P.B.N.J and a mystery Num. On the back of the box were instructions to help the adults understand, as I seemed to instinctively know what to do with them and started laying them out straight away.
Num Noms Toy Review
We had great fun serving up our stackable lunch on the tray provided and making a food tower…that was until I pressed the motorised Nom on the bottom and the whole thing toppled over – which I found hilarious! My favourite combination was ‘Hayley Dog’ on top of ‘Frenchie Fries’ on top of crazy ‘Cheesy Go-Go’. I even used the spatula provided to stack them. We also received 2 blind boxes call Mystery Cups.
Num Noms Toy Review

Mystery Cup Noms – £2.99

I’m obsessed with watching YouTube videos of kids opening surprise eggs, unboxing and blind presents. There is a huge market for collectible toys that come in opaque packaging so that you can’t see which one you’re getting until you open it with LEGO bags, Shopkins and Kinder Eggs leading the field.

Num Noms Toy Review

Each cup looks like a real carton of yoghurt, the sort you would find on the diary aisle. Each pot retails at £2.99 and contains one Num and one flavoured lip gloss Nom or stamp Nom. This is a really good idea and much better than buying a kinder egg because I can start collecting them and not focus so much on eating chocolate eggs.

Num Noms Toy Review

Inside each cup is also a little pamphlet showing all the types of Num Noms you can collect. I studied it for quite some time trying to figure out which ones I had. There are over 5,000 mix and match combo to stack and recipes to make…so I could be here for some time. The mystery cups kept me occupied for some time and would make a great stocking filler, backpack emergency toy and travel distractor.

Num Noms Toy Review

Num Noms are super cute and are extremely fun to collect! However the smell could be more realistic or stronger, maybe its the savoury ones that we got, but they smelt a bit funny. We’re on the hunt now to find some fruity and sweet versions now. The mystery cups were my favorite because I love the excitement of wondering which Nom it could be! We’ll definitely be buying these in the future.

Love Bella xx
Num Noms Toy Review



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