FrezyDerm – The best kids suncare lotion on the market?

Dear Mummy, have we enjoyed the last of the summer sun? This week has been a bit hit and miss with the weather but we managed to get out once and enjoy the sunshine. We headed to Hayling Island beach on the South Coast of England and we’ve been here a couple of times already this year.

FrezyDerm Suncare

Armed with our swimming costumes, towels and sunnies we’re also trying out a new kids suncare range (well to the British market anyway) called FrezyDerm. We’ve never tried this brand before so we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype we’ve seen on Facebook and from other beauty bloggers. FrezyDerm is sold worldwide and comes highly recommended by pediatricians. It has won loads of awards like the Prix De Beaute competition, widely considered the most prestigious competition in the beauty and cosmetics industry. My mummy and I have auburn tones to our hair and burn easily (my mummy has Irish and Scottish blood) so we were the perfect skin types to test a Factor 50 sun lotion.  With strong sunshine, high winds and lots of salt water the beach was a perfect place to test this out. My mummy applied the sun lotion in the shade of the car while we were unloading before we hit the beach, it absorbed quickly and didn’t leave her hands sticky which is always a good start.

FrezyDerm Suncare
We were testing FrezyDerm’s Kids Suncare SPF50+ Sun Lotion For Kids which is specially formulated for little ones.  It has a new generation of filters which provide very high protection against UVA and UVB rays.  It is also water-resistant, colour and parabens free. The lotion is more like a cream and comes in a pump which makes it quite easy to control how much you use.  We have experimented with spray-on kids sunscreens and roll-ones but actually prefer creams as they feel more substantial in your hands and when rubbing them into skin. Sprays seem too light-weight and my mummy wouldn’t want to risk it on super fair skin like mine. I have sensitive skin too and some other suntan lotions bring me out in heat rashes especially on my arms and in creases behind my knees. FrezyDerm’s Kids Suncare is specially formulated, containing a low percentage of zinc oxide to reduce irritation and rash which is good for us!

FrezyDerm Suncare

The FrezyDerm’s Kids Suncare SPF50+ Sun Lotion For Kids has a wonderful high-end smell and even though it seemed creamy thick, the lotion sunk into my skin rapidly leaving a nice high sheen which glistened in the sun. As you can see I loved putting it on myself. Its enriched with Chamomile oil to sooth little ones too. You could see a shimmer on the skin and this is reassuring for my mummy to see it on my pale skin.FrezyDerm Suncare
We were on the beach at the heat of the day with no real shade and FrezyDerm seemed to do the job.  We stayed a good part of the day and re-applied just once on my face and limbs, after a quick paddle. I didn’t even look like I’d caught any sun when we left the beach even though I’d been exposed for several hours!FrezyDerm Suncare

The best bit was that the sand didn’t stick to my skin and it was non-greasy! My skin wasn’t patchy or blotchy afterward and looked very healthy and felt soft. The cream was very nourishing and my mummy couldn’t resist using it herself as it smelt wonderful. I suffer from occasionally outbreaks of eczema and had no trouble with this brand.

FrezyDerm Suncare

My mummy was impressed that with 5 pumps from the bottle and it covered my whole body….and hers! This is going to last ages and will take us through the indian summer too. We’d definitely recommend this product and at £22 it is good value for money, sometimes its best breaking away from traditional household favourites and try out other brands. Sun care has changed so much over the years and become more sophisticated, this is definitely one of the best we tried!

One happy ‘pale’ sun goddess.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.Family Fever


28 thoughts on “FrezyDerm – The best kids suncare lotion on the market?

  1. I’ve not heard of this brand before but it sounds great! I love the fact that it isn’t sticky. There’s nothing worse than being at the beach and sand sticking to you x

  2. I’ve not heard of this one before but I may try it, one of my sons has very fair skin and burns so easily!! I like that you don’t have to use too much product too!!

  3. I always just tend to grab the suncream that’s on offer at the time, but I think after reading this I will be thinking a little more carefully about which one I buy..

  4. This sun lotion sounds fab and just what I’m looking for! We too are ‘blessed’ with very pale skin so we need to wear sun lotion wherever we go! I like the fact it seems to be lasting you a while and also the fact that it isn’t oily or sticky is a bonus! 🙂


  5. Have never trie this and know how important it is to have kids protected. Will have to look into trying this.

  6. I love that the sand doesn’t stick to it! My boy is really sensitive when it come to suncream.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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