Meeting an Olympic gold medalist!

Dear mummy, we had the pleasure of meeting a real sports hero recently, Olympic gold medalist Maddie Hinch. Fresh off the plane from the Rio Olympics and doing the rounds as part of BBC Inspire and England Hockey events across the country called #HockeyFest.

Olympic Gold Medalist Maddie Hinch

BBC Inspire is a great initiative encouraging kids to get active and keep the momentum of the success of the Rio Olympics alive. #HockeyFest is Supported by Notts Sport and organised by Great Britain Hockey, the festival is part of a three-week programme running until September 11, 2016. Maddie Hinch, GB’s star gold medal winning goalkeeper visited Basingstoke Hockey Club and this encouraged me to pick up a stick and start practicing with my daddy. Even though I’m only 3 years old, Basingstoke team players at #HockeyFest helped to instruct me and gave me tips on the day!

England Hockey #HockeyFest

I went down to the pitch with my folks as my daddy plays for Basingstoke and has a strong connection with our local club. Maddie proudly showed off her gold medal while posing for pictures, answering questions and demonstrating her hockey skills to us younger players.

Olympic Gold Medalist Maddie Hinch

Fearless Maddie helped make history in Rio when Team GB beat the Netherlands in a tense penalty shootout. 27-year-old Maddie chatted to us for ages and was such an inspiration to us offering pearls of wisdom and sharing tips.

“Always believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will.”

What we found fascinating is that she suffered a number of knock-backs before becoming a successful hockey player. So there is hope for everyone!

“You have to understand the journey. I got dropped so many times when I was younger. You can look at set backs as the benefit of them, you can look at them as a positive.”

Maddie Hinch speaking at Basingstoke Hockey Club!

Basingstoke Hockey Club was one of hundreds of clubs across the country to open its doors to new and current players, with the aim of celebrating the social and friendly aspect of playing hockey. There were lots of new faces down at the Basingstoke event and lots of children playing happily. Hockey is such a great sport to play and really instills teamwork and good sportsmanship in kids, plus the facilities at Down Grange are excellent with a great all-weather viewing pavilion pitch-side (with bar and kitchen), ample showers and dressing rooms and plenty of club social activities like discos and themed parties. So why not join the fun?

Olympic Gold Medalist Maddie Hinch

There is no better time to take up hockey and Basingstoke Hockey Club are still looking for players of all ages. Why not pop over to their website or come down and watch a game, who knows you maybe watching the next Olympic star!

Love Bella x (future hockey star…)

Basingstoke Hockey Club

Maidenwell Pavilion
Down Grange Sports Complex, Pack Lane
RG22 5SN

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18 thoughts on “Meeting an Olympic gold medalist!

  1. What a beautiful picture to treasure and memories to keep, bet that was such an amazing expierence, it’s fab that there’s lots for all different ages xx

  2. Great post and what a coincidence I was talking to some people at an event this weekend just passed about maybe taking up hockey. I’m off to chat with them again to find out more for sure after reading this. Thanks 😉

  3. Oh wow what an amazing opportunity! Meeting an Olympian at such a young age must be an unforgettable and inspiring memory 🙂

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