Our surprise competition win!

Dear Mummy, daddy has some exciting news to share with you. He’s finally won a competition and I know he occasionally does the lottery and television competitions, who doesn’t!? But this is so unexpected…and couldn’t have come at a better time!

He’s won a mini-break in a treehouse! But not any old treehouse, one on the fabulous Canopy and Stars website called Uplands Treehouse. It’s the perfect wedding anniversary present for you. After 10 years of marriage I bet you didn’t think you’d spend a weekend in a treehouse with daddy.

Uplands Treehouse
© Canopy & Stars

I hope you use this opportunity to shut off and disconnect with technology. Reconnect with nature and chill out. Life has become so busy at present, with you both working full time, our adventures over the weekends and blogging in the evenings….you both feel like your heads are going to explode if you don’t get some rest. This sounds like the perfect retreat.

Uplands Treehouse
© Canopy & Stars

So next week you head to Uplands Treehouse just outside Bristol, while I’m at home having a ball with Grandma. I know you’re going to miss me, I wonder whether you can stand on the balcony and see our house from there? Have fun star gazing and chilling out in front of the fire. Sounds divine, you lucky things.

Uplands Treehouse
© Canopy & Stars

Its such an unusual experience too, to be high above the ground, miles from the hustle and bustle of city life. The place is so tidy and clean and the interior looks inviting – you cannot wait! I hope you have a nice time. Well done daddy for wining the competition! Makes a change from just an anniversary card 😉

Love Bella xx

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