5 ways to reconnect with nature this Autumn

Dear Mummy, what’s not to love about autumn? It’s our favourite time of year. We love how the scenery changes from green to orange, then gold to red. The trees look so beautiful and there’s a chill in the air. On a bright sunny day, a fresh walk into the woods can be exhilarating and awe-inspiring. We took one of these walks recently and discovered the first signs of Autumn.

5 ways to reconnect with nature this Autumn.

First Signs of Autumn

1) Hunting for Conkers

We had fun hunting for conkers around the big horse chestnut trees, a lot of them still hanging on the branches. The ones we found lying on the ground were still in their green cases and we had to break them open with our heels.

Autumn Turning

2) Land Art

Some leaves have begun to fall, amazing colours lie on paths waiting to be picked up and inspected. We created an Autumn Mandala last year and will be doing the same. Land Art is a great activity for children. We like identifying leaves, berries and seeds too.

Signs of Autumn

3) Foraging

Discovering all the Autumn fruits can be really good fun. Foraging for blackberries in hedgerows and spotting giant pumpkins on the vegetable patch, there are so many delicious delights this season. How many can you find? We’re looking forward to scrumping apples, drinking hot cider and eating crumbles. Toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. On our walk we even discovers mushrooms, but we weren’t brave enough to pick them as we couldn’t identify them!

Signs of Autumn

We could never get fed up of the cold wearing warm, soft chunky knits, bobbly hats and waterproofs. Puddle jumping is one of my favourite activities and running in the woods, free and wild.

First Signs of Autumn

4) Carving Pumpkins

Some of the climaxes of Autumn for us is Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali, to brighten up our chilly nights. We love the preparation of Halloween, going to a farm and carving pumpkins. Watching the fireworks and smelling bonfires.

First Signs of Autumn

5) Immerse yourself 

Go on a woodland walk, visit a farm or just visit your local park. Cold fresh air and a brisk walk is enough to rejuvenate yourself and make you feel alive! We have fun making woodland crowns and wands and pretending to be fairies and elves, witches and wizards. My mummy always packs a small amount of sellotape and sewing scissors in her rucksack just incase there’s an outdoor craft activity waiting to happen.

Do you love Autumn too? What’s your favourite part of the season?

Love Bella xx

You Baby Me Mummy
Monkey and Mouse
You Baby Me Mummy

43 thoughts on “5 ways to reconnect with nature this Autumn

  1. Well Bella, my two little girls love Autumn too, and we love doing all the things that you have done. Last week, we foraged Hazelnuts and have left them to dry out ready for Christmas! Thanks for sharing some lovely ideas. #WhateverTheWeather

  2. My husband is a big fan of autumn – I’m a summer lover, so I’m still sulking about it disappearing so soon, but I’ll embrace autumn eventually – there’s so much to love about it! We love conker hunting and pumpkin carving and all the beautiful oranges, reds, and browns. #WhatevertheWeather

  3. Oh my your photos have made me more excited for Autumn! How could I forget the fun of conker hunting? I think as we get older we forget the fun that you can find in nature (unless you have small children of course). My favourite part of autumn has to be Bonfire Night when our town puts on a massive fireworks display which has become our little tradition, I can only hope we have kids on day so we can do all these things too x

  4. Love all of these ideas. We have recently returned from a wkd in the Forest of Dean and we did actually try most of these:)

  5. These are fantastic ideas. I love blackberry picking and conker collecting and hope to do both with Sylvia this year!

  6. This is a great post, I love nature, and I’m constantly in touch with it. I feel that I need it. Btw, your little girls is really cute x

  7. I love autumn so much because there’s so much you can do with the nature around you! I used to love collecting conkers and now I try go out for walks in the woodland ares as much as I can so I can be surrounded by it all!

  8. There’s a huge Conker tree I pass on the way home from work. Not ashamed to say I will be picking some up! *They are good at keeping spiders out of the house!

  9. I actually adore autumn but it always seems to fly past before I can really enjoy its glory! There are so many colours and things to see and do outdoors.

  10. Autumn is my favourite time of the year! We live by a park that’s full of conker trees and we love collecting them… We make sure we keep a couple on the windowsills in each room to ward off spiders! xx

  11. Oh I absolutely love that your mummy has sellotape and sewing kit with her on outdoor outings, that is preparation!! We love autumn too and the collecting of all kinds of nature items is the best! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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