Silly Little Singing Things…

Dear Mummy, another cool delivery landed on our doormat the other day for us to review. They are called Sing-A-Ma-Lings, not mistaken for Thing-A-Ma-Bobs! 😉

So what are these huggable, goofy looking things? Sing-A-Ma-Lings are plush characters that SING! Entertaining for kids of all ages, they even made my mummy chuckle! Each Sing-A-Ma-Ling has three different modes of play – Harmony, Jibber Jabber and Song.
imageYou can change their modes by simply squeezing their hand or pressing their tummies. They have a soft belly which when pressed, slowly or quickly, enables them to talk or sing, slowly or quickly! They can swap between talking gibberish, to singing and harmonising. We listened as they jibber jabbered in their own silly language for ages. But what’s great is that if you have two (or more) they harmonise together! Like some strange cappella group that would rival the out-takes of X-Factor.

Silly Little Singing Things....

They also sing on their own by pressing their hand once, then the tummy straight afterwards. If you press their tummy for longer then the note they are singing is longer. Their little mouths move seamlessly in time with the music too, which I loved but my mummy found slightly unnerving, especially as they have teeth! Like a typical child I enjoyed putting my fingers in their mouths!Sing-a-ma-lings toy reviewWe were sent Frankie the yellow character who sings “Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone” and Noodle whos green and sings “On Top of Spaghetti” and we didn’t actually know what the songs were?! I think the other ones would have been more relevant to us like the pink character called Blush, who sings “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and Darcy (purple), who sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. There is also Bo (orange, sings “Clementine”), Saywer (blue, sings “Row Your Boat”). You can see the others on their YouTube channel!

Brought to us by toy gurus Funrise, who also sell My Little Pony (my favourite toy in all the work) I knew that we wouldn’t be disappointed in the quality of these little characters. They are certainly eye-catching and entertaining. They are soft, cuddly and well made.Sing-A-Ma-Lings ReviewEach Sing-a-ma-ling RRP is £9.99 and are available at Argos (they also have an offer on at the moment 2 for £15). Recommended for ages 3 and up, these cute creatures are the perfect size for a preschooler like me. They come with batteries supplied but parents can always removed them if they’d like quiet time!

Sing-a-ma-lings toy review

We had a really good giggle with them and all kids will love the interactivity. From staging performances in the front room together or mimicking their jibber jabber it’s going to keep me entertained for hours, let’s just hope my mummy can withstand all the singing!

Love Bella xx (future X-Factor contestant)

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.Family Fever


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