Investigating Hot Fuzz Filming Locations

Dear mummy, while touring Somerset on a long weekend break you stumbled on the smallest city in England called Wells and just had to share your visit. With only 12,000 inhabitants it’s only classed as a city because of its impressive medieval Cathedral which is visible from the southern point of the Mendips, an area of outstanding natural beauty with the famous Glastonbury nearby too.

Wells Cathedral, Somerset
Wells Cathedral, Somerset

My folks spotted Wells from Pen Hill and they drove down the winding roads past the tallest mast in the region, the Mendip UHF television transmitter, the views were spectacular and my folks were envious of the cyclists and walkers enjoying the warm September sunshine.

Wells Cathedral, Somerset
Bishop’s Palace, Wells

The Cathedral and the associated religious and architectural history have made Wells a tourist destination, which provides much of the employment in the city. It remains remarkably unspoilt and has many other historic buildings including the moated Bishop’s Palace, Vicars’ Close, St Cuthbert’s Church and a good local museum. As a result the beautiful location has served as many backdrops for several films and television programmes.

Wells Cathedral, Somerset
Bishop’s Palace, Wells

The history of Wells goes right back to Roman times when historians know that there was a settlement, probably because of the springs that bubble up there. The cathedral city of Wells gets its name from three wells, once believed to have curative powers, later dedicated to Saint Andrew. Two are within the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace and the cathedral, with a third now a prominent monument in the main market square.

Hot Fuzz Location
St Cuthbert’s Church in the background

Without doubt Wells is a beautiful city, not too dissimilar from Winchester in Hampshire, with so much history and lovely architecture it’s easy to get side tracked down the little lanes and end up in a cafe watching the world go by and taking in the atmosphere. But my folks were here for another reason…*sorry historians*


Wells has a little secret. 10 years ago it played host to a major British cult film called Hot Fuzz. Actors such as Simon Pegg (well know for his roles in recently blockbuster Star Trek films) and his sidekick Nick Frost descended onto the little market streets of Wells.

Hot Fuzz Filming locations

Hot Fuzz Filming locations

In 2006, for a few weeks, the city was transformed into Sandford, the fictional sleepy village in the British blockbuster film. Hot Fuzz was directed by local Wells boy Edgar Wright and went on to international acclaim and has taken on cult status. My folks love the film so were eager to follow the footsteps of the cast and crew.

Hot Fuzz Filming locations

Hot Fuzz Filming locations
© 2007 Hot Fuzz

If you haven’t seen Hot Fuzz it tells the story of London cop Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) who is sent to the seemingly idyllic village of Sandford. At first life seems dull, but along with sidekick, PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), Angel soon discovers some sinister goings on.

Hot Fuzz Filming locations
The Crown from the film, Hot Fuzz

As soon as my folks reached the main square of Wells they instantly recognised it from the film. The Crown pub was a major giveaway. A 15th century, Grade II listed coaching inn, in the heart of the historic City of Wells, Somerset;  a stone’s throw from Wells Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. The Crown is an integral part of the story and features in many of the background shots. My folks had fun pretending to reenact the film. Muttering ‘crusty jugglers’ along the way.

Hot Fuzz location in UK
© 2006 Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz - The Crown

The city of Wells is one of the major stars of the film Hot Fuzz. From the Market Place, to St Cuthbert’s Church and back alleys of England’s smallest city, my folks saw almost all of the film’s locations. My folks only spent a couple of hours in the city just stopping for lunch while driving through and managed to see a lot of the film locations. They’re favourite place was visiting The Crown Inn.

Hot Fuzz Filming locations

Hot Fuzz Filming locations
© 2007 Hot Fuzz

Wells makes an ideal destination for a short break or long weekend and has much to see in it as well as providing an excellent base for exploring the surrounding area. Within 25 miles you can visit many attractions which include the famous caves at Wookey Hole, Cheddar Gorge & Caves, Glastonbury Abbey and Glastonbury Tor, Stourhead.  It’s a real haven for nature lovers, with some great walks along rolling countryside and coastal routes, perfect for cyclists and campers too.

Hot Fuzz Location
St Cuthbert’s Church from Hot Fuzz

We’ll definitely be back as a family to spend longer in this beautiful city, with so much history to explore my folks only scraped the surface of this historical town as they just focused on the modern aspects! The city of Wells continues to be used as a backdrop to many films including recently The Huntsman Winter War, 2015 Starring Charlize Theron. Sounds like an awesome place to visit!

Love Bella xx

Dear Bear and Beany


Wander Mum

34 thoughts on “Investigating Hot Fuzz Filming Locations

  1. Aww Wells looks absolutely lovely! Definitely my type of city! I have to admit, I have never seen Hot Fuzz though, and I never knew it was filmed in Wells – you learn something new every day. I love the ice cream shot 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  2. One of my closest mum friend moved to Cornwall from Wells. She did mention the Cathedral, but I didn’t know it looked that stunning! Will plan a visit now, thanks to your post 😉

  3. haha this is so fun! Such an awesome day out! You could do it with so many different films! Harry Potter would be one of my favourite ones 🙂 I did go to the pub where they filmed Kingsman, its in London!

  4. I’ve been to Wells as a child and I definitely didn’t appreciate how stunning the cathedral is. My husband loves Hot Fuzz and tells me all the time we should visit Wells!!! I’m totally showing him your post, he will love it. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove X

  5. Ahhh I love that film so much. I love that you got a cornetto, you just have to don’t you! It really does look like a really cute, sleepy town! x

  6. I’ve not been to Wells, but I have seen Hot Fuzz! I love the look of the stunning catherdral and those archway windows at Bishops Place are beautiful. I’d love visiting all the Hot Fuzz locations too though – I think it might tempt my husband for a visit! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. haha I love this movie! I need to chek out this place. I had no idea that they filmed it there! #justanotherlinky

  8. Gorgeous photos, we visited here the year before last on holiday in Somerset, it’s a gorgeous part of the country and the cathedral is well worth a visit. #justanotherlinky

  9. I used to live and work in Bristol as a reporter and part of my ‘patch’ was Somerset so I found myself in Wells a few times. I couldn’t believe when it popped up in Hot Fuzz, a film that still makes me whimper with laughter. So much fun to go back and retrace the action. Hope they watched out for swans… #citytripping

  10. I didn’t know that’s where Hot Fuzz was filmed! I love that film! Thanks showing us around it and reenacting some of the scene. It looks beautiful. I really must make it to that part of the world…especially with Glastonbury and Cheddar Gorge so near!

  11. I have watched Hot Fuzz but didn’t know it had been filmed at Wells. I will be visiting Wells later this year so this was a fun post to read. #CityTripping

  12. No way! I’ve been to Wells and didn’t even know it was the location for Hot Fuzz (great film!) Your photo’s are hilarious btw! #citytripping

  13. Ooo we are looking for a venue for a long weekend away so will mention this to the OH! I quite liked the film so it would be quite a fun place to stay espically as its close to so many other tourist haunts! Stopping by from #citytripping xx

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