A LUSH Christmas!

Dear mummy, “deck the halls with…” – wait a minute, we haven’t even had Halloween yet! What are you doing singing Christmas songs mid October!? Well, my mummy recently attending a bloggers event at our local LUSH store in Basingstoke to see what festive treats they have for us over Christmas and we couldn’t be more excited! My mummy enjoys the blogger events that LUSH organise, not only does it give her a chance to meet like-minded bloggers from Hampshire but she also loves seeing all the new products and trying them out.

LUSH Christmas

I may only be a toddler, but I’m starting to learn more about LUSH every day. My mummy is a massive LUSH fan – she has been since they first opened their shop in Southampton where she visited when she was a teenager. Now she’s introducing me to this fab brand through bubble bars and fairy dust!

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Every time she walks through the doors of LUSH she get a feeling of joy, so imagine when she has the whole store to herself! It’s like being an extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her Willy Wonka guide this month was the lovely Kimberley, store manager from Basingstoke and she is quite the character, full of knowledge and fun. Happy to chip in with the rest of the team and organise beautiful displays, the LUSH Basingstoke store was immaculate and everything was presented beautifully on shelves. It was a photographers dream and my mummy was happy to browse at her leisure without little ol’ me tugging at her hem.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

She learned more about the products on sale this christmas, tried some out and watched some great demonstrations. A lovely store assistance called Sophie introduced her to the shower gels and soaps and her highly entertaining anecdotes and stories of using LUSH products gave my mummy the giggles. The first product brand new for this year is Bubbly – Shower Gel £9.95, and it smells like Bucks Fizz on a Christmas morning. My mummy loves drinking Buck Fizz and this shower gel smelt good enough to eat. With yummy sweet orange  oil, lime oil and a whole host of citrus extracts it smells divine and uplifting.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Snow Fairy – Shower Gel £7.95

Without a doubt Snow Fairy is her favourite smell. She loves that it is so sugary sweet mixture of candy floss and pear drops and its her bathing fix. If you have a sweet tooth this shower gel is definitely for you and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. The scent of this shower gel also stays on the skin for a long time after use. My mummy uses this gel for her hair as well for a shampoo.

Fairy Dust review

Fairy Dust – Powder £7.50

Not too dissimilar from the Snow Fairy scent, Fairy Dust can be sprinkled onto the skin to give a lovely subtle shimmer to your skin. Fairy dust powder is a gorgeous pink colour and we like the sparkle left on the skin – perfect for a night out and toddlers like me who love to play dress up! Although the dusting powder bottles look quite small they are very deceiving and we can see this bottle lasting ages and it would make a perfect stocking filler. This scent is a very soothing and we like using it on the bed sheets to help drift off to sleep.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Elf on a Shelf – Fun Bar £5.95

My mummy loves a good FUN bar and this is a product that you can sculpt with, use as shampoo, use as soap or use as bubble bath. There’s something very appealing about scented squidgy dough, especially using it in the bath. It’s a great sensory product for kids too and the mess is contained within the bathroom. Elf on a Shelf contains grapefruit, cinnamon and ginger oil and it smells like Christmas baking and is my mummy’s favourite FUN bar so far! You can hold a small amount under the running water to create a bubble bath, lather a small mouth and use as regular shower gel or soap and even use it as an alternative to shampoo. We like sculpting it and making little figures with it in the bath. It reminds us of making Gingerbread Houses at Christmas time. Its the perfect shape for rolling into stockings!

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Reindeer Rock – Soap £4.75

My mummy was instantly drawn to this soap because of the colour and the lovely little gold lustre engraving. When this soap bar is lathered up it smells amazing and we love the delicate rose, sensual jasmine and fruity berry smell which is slightly tart and earthy. Reindeer Rock helps your skin to feel soothed and firmed without drying it out like a lot of soaps tend to do and its really gives your skin a winter boost.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

My mummy was really impressed with the soap display in the store. The combined smells were amazing. It was a real feast for the eyes and nose! The most wonderful disc of soap called Shooting Stars £3.50 was so bright and colourful that my mummy couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. It’s a lovely zesty lime and lemon oil soap that would definitely wake you up on a winters morning.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke
Peeping Santa £3.95 caught my mummy’s eye during the visit, he’s super cute and has a delicate strawberry scent and two bubble bar pieces are sandwiched together with a mixture of shea and cocoa butters giving you really soft skin. He’s like a little sandwich of lushness! Peeping Santa also produces loads of bubbles and turning the bath water a lovely dark orange colour. Again he would make a perfect stocking filler.

Shoot for the Stars Review

We also liked the bright blue and gold Shoot for the Stars £4.25 bath bomb and the amazing display it made in the water. It was a great bath bomb that fizzed away for ages and left beautiful gold flecks in the water. The orange and bergamot scent was uplifting and very yummy. We used Shoot for the Stars at home as a mermaid bath and had fun watching our limbs disappear under the water and seeing yellow stars explode from the bath bomb.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Snowcastle – Soap £3.50 The classic holiday soap is back once again in an impressive new shape; we were amazed at the interpretation of Queen Elsa’s ice castle (well, we thought it looked very ‘FROZEN’).  The soap is a wonderful mixture of vanilla ice-cream and marzipan scent and reminds us marzipan fruits that you get at Christmas time.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

There is a great range for products available for kids this year and we love that a lot of LUSH gifts come wrapped in colourful paper, ready for placing under the Christmas Tree. The Pip gift set is a lovely little treat and comes wrapped up in a 100% organic cotton knot-wrap with a little penguin face. Unwrap his bright blue belly to reveal two comforting bath bombs, one is Butterball and the other is LUSH pud, both really creamy and relaxing. My mummy also liked the Rudy gift set at £11.95, a cute little reindeer with a big red nose. Inside knotted up inside him is Shooting for the Stars and Butterball.

LUSH Christmas Basingstoke

Out of all the products on offer this Christmas The Magic of Christmas £5.95 bubble wand is our favourite. It’s like Christmas on a stick and is crammed full of cinnamon, almond oil, sweet orange, cloves and star anise. Even the wand handle is a cinnamon stick! The wand smells warm and spicy even before it touches bath water. It reminds my mummy of mulled wine and spiced cider.

The magic of Christmas

We swished this reusable bubble bar wand around in the water while we were running our baths and we use it like a real fairy wand transforming the water into a lovely golden colour. It helps relax muscles with a strong deep scent and its perfect for getting yourself into a festive mood. This wand will easily last you 4-5 baths as long as you make sure it is kept some where dry in between use. My mummy has already bought a couple of these and dotted them around the house to add scents to the rooms. Its lovely now that the nights are drawing in and she’d recommend this over incense or candles any day.

LUSH Christmas 2016 Haul

There is so much more to see in store for Christmas this year and we’d love to work our way through the range, which one your favourite?

The full range is here – Christmas at Lush

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received some PR samples and attended a LUSH event in order to write an honest review of some of their Christmas range.Family Fever

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33 thoughts on “A LUSH Christmas!

  1. Oh wow some great products, me and Kaitlin love lush I just can’t face the shop though it gives me terrible headache so will have to send Kaitlin to check it out she loves Christmas things and lush

  2. I love Lush, I always treat my Daughter for christmas as have passed my love onto her as well. We have spent many a visit to Lush treating ourselves. I now need a trip to view their christmas range x

  3. Ahhh their christmas range is dead cute!! I love Lush nearly bought the fairy dust the other day, now I’m gone need to go back!

  4. Ooooh my I love lush products, I haven’t indulged for a little while as they last soo long. Seeing this post I definitely need to check out their Christmas treats.

  5. I haven’t bought Lush stuff for years because we haven’t had a bath, only a shower cubicle, and also because I didn’t have a job in uni so could never afford it. However, I now have a job, soon to have a bath, and it’s Christmas soon… YES! 😀

  6. The wife (Beautyqueenuk) is obsessed with Snow Fairy this time of year, we have 2/3 bottles in the bathroom currently so should there be a Zombie Apocalypse we will be fine!

  7. I’m a huge Lush Fan, the xmas range looks fab this year. I think my 12 year old niece will love some of these bits too for xmas, thanks for the review and giving me some ideas!

  8. Oh the magic of Christmas wand sounds incredible, just the smells I love! I’m going to the reopening event of the Bournemouth Lush store as they’ve had renovations and I can’t wait to see all the Christmas products. So excited!!

  9. Wow, how lush is lush! I had forgotten about how fab they are have already spotted quite a few things I want to get for Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  10. At 36 years old I’ve yet to try a bath bomb . . . perhaps I need to pop to Lush and treat myself this Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  11. My 13 year old daughter is also a massive fan of Lush and we loved reading your review. We no longer have a bath, which she is not happy about! We had a large double shower fitted instead. She has been picking shower gels from your review to put on her christmas list. Thanks for taking ypur time to write such a great review with lovely photographs.

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