The night before LaplandUK…

Dear mummy, one cold and wintry November night, while I was busy getting ready for bed and you were laying out my books for bedtime reading, you noticed something lying within the coals in the fireplace. You wondered where this strange piece of paper had come from with its bright red wax seal and calligraphy handwriting. Did it just come down the chimney?!?


You call me downstairs and I notice it straight away, out of place amongst the darkness of the chimney breast. Excitedly I scoop it up and hand it to my mummy and daddy to read.LaplandUK It’s a letter from Father Christmas inviting me to LaplandUK, his home away from home in the UK. Much like the real Lapland the place is covered with snow and full of elves and reindeers! I couldn’t be more excited! My little face lights up and I grasped the invite with both hands hoping it wouldn’t get sucked back up the chimney.

LaplandUK Invite

Every year LaplandUK opens its old oak doors to thousands of children between the 19th November to the 24th December. Turning Whitmoor Forest near Ascot, Berkshire, into a snowy wonderland. Equipped with its own elf village, with old fashion sweet shop, a post office, outdoor ice skating rink and wooden cabins full of warming food and mulled cider for the adults.


What’s more exciting is that I get to help Father Christmas make his toys to be delivered to all the boys and girls in the world! I feel very special now…and a big girl. I also get to meet the famous man himself and Mrs Christmas and help her make gingerbread men in her kitchen.

My mummy tucks me up with some hot milk and reads me my stories and I drift off to sleep, dreaming of huskies and this amazing magical place… I can’t wait to visit.

Have you heard of LaplandUK? We can’t wait to share our experience with you. We visited last year and had an amazing time!

Love Bella x

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12 thoughts on “The night before LaplandUK…

  1. Wow, this is amazing! You know, I’d love to go to LaplandUK and I may ask if I can take my nephew there next year! He’ll be a little older then, so he’d be more aware.

  2. How exciting! I love the way you’ve turned the whole experience into a completely magical one. I’ve heard of Lapland UK through blogging groups, but not through friends. Sounds like fun!

  3. Bella looks so excited! What a fab surprise to arrive down the chimney. We went last year and it’s certainly an experience that you won’t forget. Thank you for sharing with the #dreamteam x

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