Silent Sunday 08.01.17

Beach Huts on Hayling Island, UK

Brrr. A cold day on the beach! 2017 we’re ready for you!! Taken with our trusty iPhone!


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 Love Bella x

29 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 08.01.17

  1. Pretty sharp sky for a phone, but then the iPhone camera is getting better all the time. I love rows of beach houses, would fill the walls with Sam Toft prints if I could.

  2. What a beautiful sky…..If I didn’t know it was winter I would say that was a summers day as the sky is so pretty….

  3. The beach hides all sense of season, I can’t tell if this is summer or winter! Beautiful beach huts, I can never resist a photo, we don’t have them on our beaches.

  4. What a beautiful photo! There’s really nothing on this photo to indicate that it’s winter at all with that lovely blue sky. But I bet it was freezing!

  5. Cold but clear! I do love photos of beach huts and this time of year they remind you of fun times to come. #mysundayphoto

  6. Fab photo especially on the iPhone too. Looks like it could be a warm summers day if you didn’t know it was taken in the winter…

    I always wish I could take a sneaky peak into some of the huts too 🙂

  7. Fab photo! I love how iPhone photo’s surprise you how good they are in the daylight. You would be hard pressed to tell this was taken in the winter if you didn’t know.

    I’m always fascinated to see inside of the huts but most of the time have to just rely on my imagination 🙂

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