Thaikhun mocktail competition for Dry January!

Dear Mummy, every January thousands of people give up bad habits and make resolutions to become more healthy by giving up vices. Dry January has emerged after all the excess of Christmas and is a chance for people to challenge themselves to go without alcohol for a whole month. Shame it’s such a depressing month which makes your resolve weaken!

Strawberries & Cream Thaikhun Mocktail #TKDryJanuary

On the most depressing day of the year #BlueMonday my mummy was invited down to Thaikhun to brighten up her dreary Monday and create some delicious mocktails for Dry January. This helped take the edge off going cold turkey! Thaikhun is asking customers to help them make some tempting mocktails for the new year to add to their menus! AND they are searching up and down the country for YOUR suggestions.

Thaikhun Southampton Competition
We loved Thaikhun

She attend a mocktail masterclass with the restaurant’s head mixologist Adam to stir up a new mocktail as part of their #TKDryJanuary competition to win an exclusive Thaikhun ‘Orange Card’. The lucky winner of a Thaikhun Orange Card is entitled to TWO free meals for a year every time they dine at Thaikhun* Woweeee! That’s some prize, imagine having free yummy Thai food for a year! You can enter online!

Enter here! 

PLUS The winning mocktail, judged by Thaikhun’s expert mixologists, will feature across Thaikhun’s cocktail menus nationwide with £1 of each sale going towards the Thai Children’s Trust.

#TKDryJanuary Thaikhun Southampton
Inside Thaikhun Southampton

She’s never been to this restaurant before and Thaikhun is a quirky Thai restaurant with an über cool street food vibe and modern Thai feel. Inspired by the street food found in cities throughout Thailand, the restaurant concept was initially conceived by Kim Kaewkraikhot, a former street hawker from a town near Bangkok. Designed to recreate a traditionally rustic Thai street scene, the vibrant décor incorporates bric-a-brac, specially selected artefacts and a tuk-tuk all imported from Thailand to create a memorable dining environment.

Thaikhun Southampton Review
Thaikhun Southampton at West Quay Watermark

Walking through the doors of Thaikhun she was impressed with the interior design of the place. Bikes and authentic artefacts hung from the ceilings and there was colour everywhere. She was like a magpie and just wanted to touch everything!

Inside Thaikhun Southampton
Inside Thaikhun Southampton

It was like she was transported from a grey, bleak Southampton into vibrant Bangkok. Thaikhun has a theatre style open kitchen, extensive outdoor dining area and Thai street- market style bar area. The restaurant chain currently has 9 other restaurants across the UK, in Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Guilford, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Thaikhun Southampton
Inside Thaikhun Southampton

Thaikhun Southampton is in the heart of the new West Quay Watermark parade. Watermark is the final phase of the massive development in Southampton City Centre right next to West Quay Shopping Centre. It’s been years in the making and it looks fabulous. Dinners of the restaurants in West Quay Watermark also get a great view over the old historic walls of Southampton, which are lit up at night!

Bangkok Street Platter at Thaikhun, Southampton
Bangkok Street Platter at Thaikhun, Southampton

She had a fab evening sampling food and making her mocktails for the competition (fingers crossed) and the staff were warm and friendly just like being in Thailand. She tasted the Bangkok Street Platter which included grilled chicken satay, red chilled corn cakes, pork and chicken dumpings and thai prawn toast….it was delicious!

Making mocktails at Thaikhun
Making mocktails at Thaikhun

On the night my mummy created 2 mocktails….all by herself too! Breaking down the ice in the shaker was hard work though! She’s not quite Tom Cruise in Cocktail yet!

Berry Special Mocktail at Thaikhun
My mummy’s ‘Berry Special’ Mocktail at Thaikhun

The first one she created was called ‘Berry Special’ which was an infusion of mixed frozen berries (raspberry, strawberry and cranberry) with lemonade and mint. Served up with ice in a martini glass with sprinkles and a cocktail umbrella. It was really refreshing and you can watch the video of her making it here.


#TKDryJanuary Thaikhun Southampton
My mummy’s mocktail called ‘Lime in the Coconut’

The second mocktail she made was called ‘Lime in the Coconut’ which was a milky take on a pina-colada without the alcohol. It included lime juice 25ml, pineapple juice 50ml, coconut syrup 50ml, milk 75ml and plenty of ice! Garnished with a pineapple leaf and a slice and served in a coconut. Delicious!

So what do you think of my mummy’s mocktails!

Do you have an idea for a mocktail? Just submit your concoction and see if you win!

Thaikhun competition form

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Love Bella x

Opening Times: Thaikhun is open from 12pm until 10:30pm seven days per week. Address: Thaikhun, West Quay Watermark, Westquay Shopping Centre, Southampton, SO15 1QF

Competition T&Cs:

All recipes must be submitted via – Creations must also be share on social media with @Thaikhun using #TKDryJanuary

*Orange card only valid for the year you are given one. The card entitles two people to dine for free up to the value of £70 on each visit. Reasonable usage will be expected and monitored, card cannot be given to anyone else to use. Valid in all Thaikhun restaurants across the country.

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29 thoughts on “Thaikhun mocktail competition for Dry January!

  1. What a great place, we live not far from Southampton and they hadn’t finished Watermark when we last visited. The food looks great, we’ll definitely be trying this out.

  2. Like the sound of this mocktail. YUM! I can take alcohol or leave it, last time I had something to really drink was over a year ago now so mocktails are always a delicious option for drivers or teetotal people xo

  3. Bella, both of your Mummy’s mocktails sound delicious, I would happily drink both of them! I think it looks like Mummy had a wonderful time at Thaikhun learning to make mocktails and the food looks like it was yummy as well x

  4. Good review:) It’s always nice to experience different culture and cuisine. Even if it’s just a moment, we can recharge our batteries for another rainy day in the UK:))

  5. I have never heard of Thaikhun before but will check it out next time we are in Southampton…….seeing sister act soon at the Mayflower so would be nice to have a meal first

  6. Those both sound lovely – I’m very into mocktails at the moment but so often you can’t find anywhere that has them on their menu! I was really pleased to see a Guildford Thaikhun on your list which is near me – eyeing this up for my next girly shopping day! Sounds like you had a great night out. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. Oh I’m gutted that I missed this, I was supposed to be there but ended up in hospital! I would have loved to have met you and tried all of these cocktails! x

  8. I think these interactive events – like cocktail classes and beer sampling – at restaurants are a great, fun idea! Looks like a wonderful venue too.

  9. Your mummy did a great job, I love a mocktail. We’ve eaten there before and we absolutely loved it, in fact we really need to head back. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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