Valentine’s Day at Home Bargains

Dear Mummy, we can’t quite believe the shopping haul we picked up from Home Bargains over the weekend. Throughly impressed, we just had to share with you all. We used to think that Home Bargains was a cheap shop which had tat in, but we’ve been convinced otherwise.

Valentine's Day Haul

We think Home Bargains is fab! It sells BIG brands at discounted prices and could save you a fortune. The products frequently change, so next week there could be something different in store. We recently popped in to buy some baking stuff and left with a great Valentines Day haul. Home Bargain have a good selection of seasonal products, but you have to be quick as they sell out quickly mainly because the prices are ridiculously low. Perfect for thrifty pockets this year.

Have a look at our video to see the bargains that we picked up. The heart shape balloons and the heart bunting were our favourites and wouldn’t look amiss in Hobbycraft or Paperchase for double the price! We were amazed!

We’re still fairly new to YouTube so would love your comments and support over on our channel thanks!

Love Bella and her mummy x

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36 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at Home Bargains

  1. I used to think the same until one opened up beside us, not sure i would buy food items, but the rest is absolutely fantastic, the toy section is incredible x

  2. We have just had a home bargains open up here, I’m going to take a looks for Valentines things to make trails and the like for the children here on the farm. #MarvMondays

  3. Will head over and subscribe to your channel. We are getting a home bargains in our town. It’s going to be a 10 minute walk from my house. I feel like this could be dangerous haha!


  4. I love home bargains! I always go in and have a wander and come out with a million things that I didn’t need but couldn’t resist because they are so cheap! We don’t buy valentines presents but if I did, these are fab! #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Home bargains is one of my favourites for gifts. They have a great range at great prices. I need to pop in before valentines.

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