Ducks on Ice at The Vyne, National Trust

Dear Mummy, this week saw us dust off our jackets and finally get some fresh air. There was a break in the rainy weather and we managed to get out for an afternoon to The Vyne, Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Winter at The Vyne, National Trust

The Vyne is a National Trust property which we’ve been visiting for years. We didn’t venture far onto the estate this time round as it was so cold and only spent a couple of hours by the frozen lake feeding the ducks, moorhens and swans our dried bread.

Winter at The Vyne, National Trust

When the sun did mange to peep out from behind the clouds we bathed in its warmth on park benches. Originally we went to The Vyne to hunt for snowdrops, however we only found little clusters of them, not the impressive displays that we usually see later in February.

Winter at The Vyne, National Trust

I explored the hobbit holes in the natural play area at The Vyne and even though it was so cold I managed to keep myself warm, running around with no jacket – much to my mummy’s horror!

We made a little video of our trip out. We hope you like watching the ducks on ice as much as we did. The scenery was so beautiful. I even managed to get a bit of puddle jumping in before I got scared of the creepy trees and wussed out behind my mummy.

Winter at The Vyne, National Trust

Another great couple of hours at The Vyne and even though my mummy was full of cold it did her the world of good getting out of the house and into the fresh winter air.

What did you get up to this week outdoors?

Love Bella x

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55 thoughts on “Ducks on Ice at The Vyne, National Trust

  1. I’ve seen the ducks on the ice when walking my dog in our local country park haha. I’ve also seen to dog on ice but was very scared as it started cracking under his feet!! Looks like you’ve had lots of fun 🙂

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