My PJ Masks Party

Dear Mummy, the last couple of weeks has seen our blog (and lives) taken over by all things PJ Masks. We’ve had great fun joining in on Twitter parties #PJMasksToys, reviewing toys from the new range and shooting video while playing with the toys. It’s made me really happy as I’ve had the opportunity to transform into my favourite character too.

PJ Masks Twitter Party

But the fun hasn’t been limited to just the toys, we’ve made some really cool PJ Masks art as well. Making masks and colouring in, playing pass the parcel and guessing games – it really has been one big PJ Masks Party here on Dear Mummy Blog.


Even my folks got involved, we’ve had a real chuckle immersing ourselves in everything that’s PJ Masks! You won’t be a bigger fan this side of the pond.


We’ve had a whale of a time unboxing toys from our surprise box on our YouTube channel and at our PJ Masks Party we had fun playing Pass the Parcel.

We hope you enjoying reading our PJ Masks takeover posts on the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed doing them x

Love Bella x AKA Owlette x

Disclaimer: The PJ Masks party box was sent to us in order to conduct the reviews. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

25 thoughts on “My PJ Masks Party

  1. Bella, I’ve really enjoyed watching your fun and excitement over all of the PJ Masks items you recently received! It’s easy to see how very much you love them x

  2. We love pj masks I think we should do something similar here with the kids they would go mental for it!

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