Silent Sunday 12.03.17

It’s been a hell of a week 😦 My mummy is in hospital suffering with a collapsed lung. This was the week we were supposed to be flying out to Mexico on holiday. It never happened. So daddy brought Mexico to her! Fingers crossed she’ll be out soon x

Mexico comes to the hospital


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 Love Bella x

16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 12.03.17

  1. Oh wow, get well soon. That can’t be fun. Whatever you do, don’t try breaking that pinata open until you’ve recovered. They’re hard as steel and you’ll do yourself another injury. #MySUndayPhoto

  2. Poor Mummy! That sounds really horrible. I hope she is better soon and you are able to go to Mexico another time.

  3. I hope you all get to Mexico one day and mummy is taking it easy. Us mummy’s don’t know how or when to stop and rest, hopeful for a quick, full recovery for you all #MySundayPhoto

  4. So sorry to hear about your mummy’s collapsed lung. Hope she gets better soon and how lovely that Daddy brought Mexico to her. Hopefully you will manage to all get out there for real one day. Sending get well soon vibes your mummy’s way x

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