A hotel stay at the Moscow State Circus

Dear Mummy, the Moscow State Circus came to town! After seeing them in Reading last year we were eager to catch the show in our home town of Basingstoke, UK.

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

We bought our tickets online from Ticket Master after seeing a 50% off flyer in one of our local newsagent. This made our family trip to the circus very affordable. We purchased deluxe ringside seats which were comfy and soft and gave us the best view of the performance.

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

We arrived 30 minutes before the performance to grab some lunch before the show and enjoy the atmosphere. It was a bright sunny day and we found a seat inside the foyer tent and while I was waiting for my hot dog I had a play around outside.

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

Prices for food were reasonable and we scoffed down our large hot dogs x 2, popcorn and drinks along with candy floss for around £20. My candy floss was even bigger than me!

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

Inside we handed our tickets to the ushers and were shown to our seats. The big top was huge! Within the ring there was a hotel scene set-up with bell boys, a reception desk and suitcases all ready to welcome the performers of the show AKA the guests.

The performance revolved around a story of a busy hotel called Gostinitsa, the hotel of curiosities. It makes us think of the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. With bell boys and hotel maids introducing hotel guests. Guests like the glamorous acrobats and dancers. High tightrope walkers and unicyclists. The stage design had a real 1930’s Art Deco feel to it and the performers were like Hollywood starlets.

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

We loved watching the award-winning Chervotkins Clowns guiding us through the hotel of curiosities and they had us clapping and laughing together. Great audience participation which kept little ones amused when they came into the stalls.

We were super impressed by acts that we’ve never seen before like the double Russian swings hurtling acrobats through the air and somersaulting impossibly from one rapid moving swing to another. My folks chuckled at the women behind us who shrieked in amazement.

We were in awe at the marvellous Alikhanov Troupe which featured three acrobats climbing  and balancing on poles supported by just one man. My mummy was super impressed with the trapeze and high wire performances, the skill and dedication it took to perform some of the moves was amazing.

The show was a real feast for the eyes, with dare-devil stunts and shimmering costumes. Coloured lights, plumes of smoke and music had me on the edge of my seat for nearly two hours!

Moscow State Circus 2017 Review

It was the best show we’ve seen so far by Moscow State Circus and we were really glad we went. A trip to the circus makes a lovely change from a trip to the cinema or to the theatre and we’d highly recommend this one!

Hopefully we will get to see them again next year! This performance is going to be hard to beat!

Love Bella x

26 thoughts on “A hotel stay at the Moscow State Circus

  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! We love the circus but haven’t been to this one before. They do tour near us so maybe we will get to see it soon!

  2. Wow this looks like a seriously impressive performance – I’ve not been to many circus performances in my life, but this looks intriguing!

  3. Bella, this must have been such a wonderful experience for you! You look just fascinated by what you are seeing. The acrobatic performers are so very talented and this is a show I would love to see as well xx

  4. I remember a long time ago we took our son to the circus. It was one of the most magical evenings I can remember. The animals .. acrobatic performers .. lighting effects. There’s nothing like it!

  5. My daughter is desperate to go to the circus! I’ll look out for this one in case it comes near us

  6. IT sounds like you had a great time. I used to love the circus when I was younger and took my daughter when she was little too. It’s good you got a discount for the tickets and that the prices inside were reasonable too.

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