Going Quackers at the Duck Race, Overton

Dear Mummy, we took our rubber ducks out of the bath water and into the River Test for the annual Duck Race in Overton, Hampshire. The “Great Overton Duck Race” is run to raise funds for St Mary’s Hall.

Overton Duck Race Review

It began as a one-off event, but has since become something of an annual occurrence, raising in excess of £12,000 for the hall’s facilities so far. A whole day of sitting and playing down by the river on the bank holiday sounds like a very relaxing activity. It was also a special day as it was my mummy’s birthday.

Overton Duck Race

We set off early to find a clearing by the side of the bank to lay out our picnic blanket and camping chairs. In our eagerness we were the first family there and watched the organisers time trial the ducks on the water. I also took the opportunity to road test…well water test my rubber duck.

Overton Duck Race

There was around a 100 yellow ducks per race and we could bet on a duck during the event or order online. They all had numbers on their backs and once we purchased a duck in the race we were allocated its number. There were 6 races during the day with 30 min breaks in between so we could paddle in the water and browse the stalls.

Overton Duck Race

I had great fun cheering on my duck and running to the finishing line to help the organisers to collect them up out of the water. My folks started off the day wanting to keep me dry and clean but by the end of the event they just wanted me to have fun so were happy for me to play on the muddy banks and get wet.

Overton Duck Race

The organisers were very funny, cracking jokes during the races and promoting audience participation. My mummy and grandma became very animated when one of ours was in the lead, but sadly he failed at the tree log hurdle.

Overton Duck Race Review

It was a very unusual birthday celebration which I’m sure my mummy won’t forget for a long time, but one of the best days. Its going to become an annual family tradition methinks! All proceeds from the event went back into the community for new facilities for St Mary’s Hall, Overton.

Love Bella x

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28 thoughts on “Going Quackers at the Duck Race, Overton

  1. That sounds like so much fun. One of our local towns holds an annual duck race fundraiser and while we’ve never been we do know that the organizers dump a loader bucket full of ducks into the river!

  2. I do love a good duck race. My boys do one to raise money with the scouts. They are great fun and generate a great community atmosphere. Sounds like a wonderful way to raise money for a good cause and enjoy a day out. Happy birthday to Mummy.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. My daughter’s school holds an annual duck race and everyone joins in. This also looks so much fun especially with a picnic! Glad you guys had good weather, imagine doing that in the rain! #countrykids

  4. Bella looks so cute on that duck!

    Duck races are so much fun, I’m sorry yours didn’t make it past that log, but there is always next time.

    Thank you for taking part in #explorerkids linky

  5. Sounds like a fab tradition to make. It looks like so much fun, I’m going to see if there’s anything like this near me x

  6. I’ve never been to a duck race but they always sound like so much fun. Looks like you had fun in the river too and I love the giant inflatable duck 🙂 #countrykids

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