On official Father Christmas business with LaplandUK

Dear Mummy, where have you been? Don’t think you can leave the house without me knowing! I knew something was up when you took your camera and excitedly left for the train station to Waterloo. Little did I know the adventure you’d go on!

You see my mummy was called upon by the elves, not any old elves but our friends from LaplandUK. The ones we met last year when we visited the wonderful Christmas attraction. They were on official Father Christmas business in the big city and wanted to show her something before they opened up their doors to the public…

Lapland - The untold story for Father Christmas
Lapland – The untold story of Father Christmas

Father Christmas sent his top elves on a mission to spread Christmas cheer and tell how the LaplandUK story came to be. Lisa Snowdon hosted a breakfast event to celebrate the 10th year of LaplandUK with the attraction’s founders Alison and Mike Battle, two big folk who are helping the elves on their quest. Elves from LaplandUK

The first elves my mummy met were from the woodland, Sage and Eeko, who welcomed her into a magical room at Spring restaurant, Somerset House in London. She had her magic passport ready and was guided through the new toys and a special book release to celebrate LaplandUK’s 10th anniversary this year.

Elf Emporium

With lots of exciting things planned for this years attraction and the introduction of some new elves to the scene, LaplandUK sure seems like it’s going from strength to strength. Great for Father Christmas’s team and children all over the UK.

Creators Alison and Mike Battle with Lisa Snowdon
Creators Alison and Mike Battle with Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon read an extract from the new illustrated book, Lapland –  The Untold Story of Father Christmas. It is a wonderful story which fills in gaps to the multiple renditions of the Christmas tale and makes the traditional version more accessible to little folk like me. Fuelling my imagination with the back stories from Father Christmas’s helpers.

Watch our video of the event!

After reading this book we now know who is the head elf in the workshop, who collects the wishes and how that magical door in Ascot works. Joining up the dots between the stories of old and the new story of LaplandUK.

Meeting Pixie Mixie and Wishes
Meeting Pixie Mixie and Wish

We love the characters they have introduced over the years from Wish, collector of wishes, whose skirt has been made up from the Northern Lights, Pixie Mixie the sweetest fairy we have ever met and of course the old favourites Whittle and Conker who are busy in the workshops. Conker of course is still trying to earn his special bell. Each elf has a wonderful back story which you can find on LaplandUK’s website. We can’t wait to meet Zauber the most magical one of them all!

Alison Battle LaplandUK
Alison Battle with her book

We loved listening to Alison and Mike Battle talk about their Christmas experiences and why they helped Father Christmas create LaplandUK and get the message out. The attraction brings so much magic to little folk and big folk each year. They even had a shout out from Elton John recently. Please watch our little video with snippets from the interview.

The LaplandUK Elf Wave
My mummy with Whittle and Conker doing the elf wave

We can’t wait to experience all the magic again this Christmas. Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas certainly have a great team behind them. One that we are all getting to know one Elf wave at a time.

The new book, Lapland –  The Untold Story of Father Christmas is available here.

Have you ever been to LaplandUK?

Love Bella and her big folks x

Ticket Information:

Where to buy: www.LaplandUK.co.uk

Selected dates between: 18th November – Christmas Eve 24th December

Ticket prices: From £65 plus booking fee

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21 thoughts on “On official Father Christmas business with LaplandUK

  1. That book looks amazing, such a perfect Christmas gift. We haven’t been to Lapland yet, but I’m really looking forward to going when my son is old enough to fully appreciate it.

  2. I’ve never been to Lapland UK before but now that I’m a mum I’m sure I will visit it in the upcoming years! Need to get into the Christmas vibe now I guess aha x

  3. Oh I was invited to this event but I couldn’t make it and I was gutted! But we are visiting Lapland UK in December this year for the first time and I am SUPER excited! The book is lovely (I read it online) and it explains everything so well. #sharingthebloglove

  4. Everyone’s costumes are so well done, it makes such a difference when you want to get lost in the magic of the place 🙂

  5. We loved Lapland UK last year and can’t wait to go back again this year. It really it is a magical place and I know my girls will love it again. Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

  6. Wow that looks amazing! I’ve never been and would love to take my daughter one year. It’s pretty far from us I think though. Book sound me nice too x #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. Wow sounds great. I’d love to take my daughter there one day. It’s oretty far from us I think but looks definitely worth it. Book sounds nice too. X #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. This looks like a lovely event! We went to Lapland UK last year and it was incredible – just the most magical day! I can’t wait to take both my boys one day and see their little faces light up! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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