BritMums at YouTube Space London

Dear Mummy, you were incredibly lucky to be invited to the YouTube Space in London to learn some tips and tricks from the professionals. Hosted by BritMums you went on behalf of Dear Mummy Blog to learn all the things about making a successful YouTube channel. I was too young to attend, but hopefully the YouTube team will host an event directed at the Vlogstars of the future, so watch this space.
Britmums YouTube Space event
My mummy at the famous sign!
My mummy has been to blogging events before but nothing like this! We’ve been writing our blog for nearly 3 years now but have only just joined the YouTube revolution. Our channel has always been a side project to support this blog, however after attending the event we know that to be successful on YouTube we need to stick with it and be consistent. So every Sunday at 8pm we are uploading videos onto our channel.
Britmums YouTube Space LON event
Event was hosted by BritMums

It was great event and my mummy’s head was bursting with ideas when she left. Our channel at the moment is full of reviews and days out, but we want to start having conversions with our subscribers and start doing more sit down videos. This event gave us the confident to push forward and do those. We love creating content for the blog, so putting the same amount of passion into our channel is key.

Britmums YouTube Space London event
Yummy cupcakes

The YouTube Space LDN is such an innovative place to visit, inside large typographic wall vinyls grace the walls, there are lots of breakout places to have meetings and experiment with content creation. It’s a funky looking industrial space with lots of colour and feature walls. While at the event she got to meet so many lovely people, all who are in a similar boat, so it was nice to chat them. The best part was the 1:1 sessions around the table where our channel was critiqued (in front of everyone else!) by an expert Emma Ross (aka Mammalian) who works at YouTube and is a parent vlogger/blogger. She gave her some ideas to  implement straight away and said our channel had ‘potential’.

Britmums YouTube Space event 1
Visiting the YouTube Merch store

My mummy isn’t the biggest vlogger but found the sessions relevant and interesting. There was a mix of YouTube experts and other bloggers including RedTed Art who we admire. None of the talks were massively in-depth but the bite-sized courses on analytics, editing and production were useful.

Britmums YouTube Space event 3
Butterflies in her tummy arriving at the venue
As a result we filmed a little of the event. See inside the YouTube Space London with us. If you’re feeling particularly interested in our progress in 2018 they why not stick around and subscribe too.

Love Bella and her mummy Dawn x

Pink Pear Bear








30 thoughts on “BritMums at YouTube Space London

  1. This has made me want to start my YouTube channel even more! It’s such an amazing and growing platform for people to have a voice! Great photos too!

  2. This sounds brilliant, I look forward to hearing how it goes, and watching Mummy’s channel grow and grow with her new enthusiasm! Thanks for being a #bigpinklink-er this week!

  3. This looks amazing. I really want to go to something like Britmums next year – but something more general for bloggers in other niches. Excited to see what’s in store for your YT channel in 2018. Even though the talks didn’t go too indepth, they’ve probably given you a great base to go forward with more research.

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