My Sunday Photo – 14.01.17

Dear Mummy, its been a dreary January this week and we’ve definitely got the blues. I went back to school and my mummy went back to work after the Christmas break. Thankfully this weekend has lifted our spirits and we’ve had a lot of fun seeing family and friends. We even visited our local museum, Milestones in Basingstoke.

Milestones Museum, Basingstoke Review

Milestones is a living history museum and it’s nice learning about our past from the 1900’s. I’m so glad I didn’t go to school back then! They were very strict! Here’s me dressed up in period clothing and my mummy pretending to be a school mistress.

Milestones Museum, Basingstoke Review

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Have you gone back to work or school this week?

Love Bella x




12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 14.01.17

  1. My 3 year old has enjoyed Milestones this year twice already – with the one off ticket price for the year and alas no Manydown – I’m sure its going to be popular with the kids…

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