Push Kate Push!

Push Kate Push 5 reasons why we’re excited to see another Royal Baby! 1) We love getting sucked up in all the buzz of the coverage on telly. My mummy is a sucker for live coverage and live news feeds. #RoyalBabyWatch 2) It’s a royal baby! Any new arrival is special, but this one makes … More Push Kate Push!

Soldiers’ Journey at Milestones Museum

Soldiers’ Journey at Milestones Museum November 2014 Dear mummy, it’s not often that we attend a historical exhibition and this week we feel that we are really witnessing something special. Every year we honour Remembrance Day, we hold our minutes silence, wear our poppies and remember the brave heroes that fought in the First World … More Soldiers’ Journey at Milestones Museum

twit twoo

Twit Twoo Dear mummy, as a baby I come across a lot of magical and awesome sights. One of those sights is my Grandfather’s massive collection of owls. Owls are some of the most interesting and mysterious birds in the world so I can see my Grandfather’s fascination with them. They are beautiful creatures with … More twit twoo

Lost World

Milestones Lego Lost World Zoo. Friday, 28 March, 2014 Dear Mummy, it’s a wet and blustery day and I’ve been confined to the house all morning. We hear from friends that at Milestones Museum, the Lego Lost World Zoo has come to town! We decided to head down to the museum, it’s been plugged heavily on #museumweek and … More Lost World